Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Destination: La Unna

It's a piece of sand in the middle of the sea. To be more precise it is a small oasis, two smaller square buildings, an obelisk and a pyramid you will see, when coming to "La Unna"

There is much more behind the walls one will discover when entering the buildings. But before I entered the those, I visited the oasis.
There is not much to tell about the watering place. Just, that it carries some interesting plants.

From the oasis I walked to the obelisk. And the obelisk is what it was in ancient Egypt, a news reader in hieroglyphs. Hard work for the typesetters (in this case stone engravers).

Because I could not read a word on it my interest turned to the adjacent flat building. It contains some uncommon women clothings. Not many, but exclusive and in the most exotic.

Curious what the other building will show me, I went over there. Here you will find 5 exotic male outfits.

From here I started my way to the pyramid to investigate on it. As I have seen from a distance steps lead to an entrance.

At the end of the stairs you enter a little floor with both ends blocked by stone doors. One of the blocks you can move and it slides to open to a longer floor behind.

And this is the start of a walk through a fantastic maze inside the pyramid. You have to check it out by yourself . I will only give a few impressions and not a walk through ;-)
And......on some places you better run.

It's great fun to walk through the pyramid and find the .............
And the developer of all this fun is Unna Tuwa. Tipping my hat.

METROPOLIS Region La Unna Unna

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