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Art and Destination: ABOVE & BELOW

You arrive on a platform at 204 m AMSL (Average Mean Simulator Level) which surrounds a steep needle like mountain. Several photo boards at its outer edge show a few things of what you have to expect on the region.
Some are teleporters to other regions in the Grid and to the "ABOVE" destination and the "BELOW" one.

Before I checked on the hell I wanted to take a peak at heaven and teleported to "ABOVE".

Heaven or in this case "ABOVE" is an art installation made of moving objects, particles and all kinds of moving abstract textures. Just take your time and soak up the atmosphere this place will give you. And to get in the right audio mood there is a radio, you can switch stations to the music you like to listen to your corresponding visual impressions.

After a while of relaxation it was time to see what is going on in the underground and I took the teleport into the depth of "ABOVE & BELOW".
And down there you'll meet a total different ambience.
It is red, it is hot, it is fire and it is a little story behind it, Caro Fayray, the builder and owner of this area, told me on my first visit. It's a story about the feudal leaders in the coves and the poor workers digging for the welfare of the upper classes. That reminds me of something. Hmm?

Walking the "BELOW" is a real adventure and lots of things you can touch to force your Avatar to do something. And it has a bit of a maze. Often I came back to places I had been before. Wether I have seen it all, I do not know.
The pictures show just a little bit of what you can expect when visiting the region. Some may not look very healthy but my Avatar survived.
That's what one's call sunbathing downstairs

I did not feel very well, doing this

The Home of the Masters

The Worker's Cozy Place

The Worker's Area

A Trustful Shower Bath ?

A Quicksilver Home
To capture the whole atmosphere you have to go to "ABOVE & BELOW". The pics you see are just a little teaser. Just have look by yourself to see how it might be in heaven.......or hell.
A great build by Caro Fayray; tipping my hat.


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