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Shopping: Lani

A desert planet in the infinity of the OSGrid. The atmosphere glows yellow in the dust filled air. Unknown flying objects hovering slowly over the hot surface. A coriolis hurricane is crossing the dunes and giant worms appear suddenly and not predictable out of the hot sand or crawl along the horizon.
Three dominant buildings sit enthroned in the wide open territory. Two of them are builds for conferences. But my aim is the flat building in the middle. The biggest Sci Fi Shop within the virtual open universe:

"Lani Mall"

'Welcome to the Lani region of OSGrid. Home of the Lani Mall. Fantasy... Steampunk... Avatars... Vehicles... Sci Fi. Over 25 creator stores. Hundreds of free products. 2 floor levels. In the vastness of a desert planet... A future world of spacecraft and mysterious characters.'

Arriving at "Lani's", which is build and owned by Lani Global, you get sucked in slowly. Sucked into the store.

First you enter the foyer with a lot of information about Lani. In the back there are teleport hubs to different areas within the OSgrid, but not only Sci Fi themed. It's another good starting point to explore regions of the OSGrid.
From the foyer different ways lead to the shopping areas and one to the pyramid, an adjacent building for conferences. As it says on the board inside the pyramid there are meetings by the "OpenSim Sci Fi Group" every Saturday from 2 - 4 pm pdt.

But my main interest apply to the stores and their offers. I first studied the shops on the ground level before I made my way downstairs. One has to check for oneself on all the items. It would go beyond the scope of this article to show the complete selelection. The offers on Sci Fi, Steampunk and other articles are immense.

You'll find creators like Vbinnia Radek, Zia Frimon, Caro Faray, Shenn Tao, Jeff Hall, Jorink Devin, Bwild Parx, Lani Global and many others.

"Lani" is a spot one has to visit, not only for purchasing but to breathe a different air, but it has to be admitted that it is not too human friendly outside the building and pretty dusty.

OSGrid Region Lani

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