Samstag, 13. September 2014

Metroberfest 2014 on METROPOLIS Grid

Metroberfest 2014 on the METROPOLIS Grid
 Region Oktoberfest 
from September 29th until October 5th

Every day Events starting at 20:00 CET (11 am pdt) until at least Midnight (3 pm pdt).
(Wednesday, Oct 1 start 21 CET (12 pm pdt))

Live Music Artists on 2 Stages:
Wolem Wobbit, Madmax Huet, Micky Andretti, Suzan Littlething, Dilah Halostar, Deceptions Digital, Tim Anadyr, TerryLynn Melody, Lisa Brune, Andremus Miklos, Joaquin Gustav

Readings in German and English language in the "Kesselhaus":
German: Oliver Buslau, Susanne O'Connell, Sean O'Connell
English: Siobhan Muir, Tina Glasneck

DJ and DJane Entertainment:
Ladyjo Martineeqe, Duncan Metro, Phaandor Petwee, Anette Hummel, zaphod Enoch

Wordfromthe Wise, Sixtus Majus

Marketplace where Traders, Designers and Service Providers offer and inform about their actual quotations:
Crystal Brewton, Spiral Silverstar, Eryn Galen, SheriffDawn Summers, Roffo Lemon, Jeff Hall, RP Handelsstadt Hohenburg, Anette Hummel, CFF Group, oopsee Joseppe, Lureena Persephone, Les Affames Group, Alira Vigrid, Cherry Manga, Caro Fayray, Taarna Welles, Oddball Otoole, RP Carima, Hylee Bekkers, HG Safari Group, Lacchi Macchi, LyAvain Swansong, Ignis Fatuus Group, Nara Malone

ArtParc where fine artists exhibit a small part of their skills and artistry:
Cherry Manga, Chapter Kronfeld, Susan Dark, Caro Fayray, Wizardoz Chrome, LyAvain Swansong, Spiral Silverstar, Les Affames Group, Soror Nishi, Ruben Haan, Amsterdam Bingyi, Oddball Otoole

Landscaping and "Oktoberfest" Region design:
Anette Hummel, LyAvain Swansong, Alira Vigrid, Eryn Galen, Robert Baumer, Meyeste Magic

Destination (the region will be open for public from Sep 29th on):
METROPOLIS Region Oktoberfest

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