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Destination and Art: Midtown Arts Museum (Part 1)

"The Midtown Arts Museum" is a complex of 4 regions on the Kitely Grid build and developed by Ruby O'Degee.
To discover the whole complex you need a lot of time, cause flying is disabled and you have to have either good shoes or you must find the teleporters.

Arriving at the "Midtowns Arts Museum" you find yourself in a room at a place called "Pookeepsietomeway Midtown" with lots of information boards about the the region itself.

While others will inform you about the different other projects of Ruby ODegee. And I recommend to click on the boards to get information Notecards and/or read the boards. It will take time but it is worth it.

From the first landing point I used the steps down to get to the "Far East Railroad Station". The train is not working anymore but the rail tracks will lead you to the destinations.

When you are on the platform, tracks on both sides will start. I decided to take the ones going Southwards. The tracks end after a short walk and you reach a sign saying "Underwater Subway to Midtown Arts Museum". Curious as I am I took that way.
First I entered a building above surface. Its kind of a gallery with a lot of interesting stuff to read, to click and to discover.

I did not find an Underwater Subway but could walk further underneath the railwaytracks.

But after a few meters the way ends in the water. So I went all the way back and stayed on the tracks above.
Next Station on the track is a stairway with a picture line set up, one walks through.

At the end of the steps you reach the "Midtown Outfitters Expedition Garments & Gear". A shop for untensils, an explorer needs on his travels. Though it is still under construction you can enter it.

Some things are already on offer but unfortunately not possible to purchase by foreign visitors. Due to the missing export flag of Kitely, they can't be taken by others, than Kitely residents. But I know that this is not Ruby's intention and she is working on a solution.

From the shop, other buildings are to be seen and maybe to walk to, but a bird view showed me that the way might be a bit difficult and I decided to go back to the track in the hope to find some more comfortable sideways to the other houses.
And really, after a little walk on the tracks a new sign indicates the way to "Poohkeepsietomeway Shops".

What to await there is the contents for the next part of this review. So stay tuned for the "Midtown Arts Museum Part 2"

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