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Destination: Greyville (2)

After I have surrounded the inner quarter of the "Greyville" village, there are still buildings left, I want to give an overview.
Oh, you do not know where to find "Greyville" in the Hyperverse ? That is quite easy:
Open the world map in your viewer, there you find an input field next beside search button. Just type in

Now click on search and the map should change, showing the given location. On the bottom the teleport button should get active. Just click on it and the journey should begin. By default you should arrive in "Greyville"
Sometimes it happens that the hop is not really willing to let you hop on the default, especially on  Mondays and holidays (Bank holidays are the worst). In this case try this one:

That might work then for any reason. And if it does not, go into the kitchen have a coffee or a meal or mow the lawn, walk the dog, see how tall (or big) the children have become, while you surfed the virtual worlds and try it on a later time.

But let me continue what I haven't finished on my last tour on Nara's Nook. On the ring road around the inner quarter of the village there are a few buildings on the outer side and I start with the one opposite to the empty small building. This will get the FBI building as it says on a small label next to the entrance. A colorful friendly grey boring shoe box building waiting on its purpose.

In a little distance one find a little piano-drums-guitar bar for your entertainment

Around the corner a little walk down the road a very glassy building appears. Here the author Siobhan Muir exhibits a few of her publishings. And this time you can click the book and get a little teaser and a link to an online bookstore that sells it.

Don't bother about Zach Snow, he is just narcissistic and does not talk at all.
The next building in line is another private estate and even so there is a British police telephone booth in front of this house but it is not the residence of Dr. Who

The last building within the Village complex is a former greenhouse now rebuild to a nice meeting house, where, I assume, you can listen to some readings given by one of the numerous authors here at "Nara's Nook".

With that last building I turned my back to the village and started to head towards the "Authors Discovery Park".
The park is covering about half of the region, if not more, on the Eastern side. All over, there are pavilions of different sizes. My first visit is a bigger one at the southern end. A bear keeps guard over a rabbit hole teleporter and pictures are set up around the pavilion. Trying the teleporter it gives some action but did not teleport me. :-(

The next pavilion is also a bigger one, if not the biggest. Its more a relaxing place with a figurine in the middle. At one of the opens you'll find a giant book called "Passion's Portal Multi Authors Series". I must have a bad day cause even so the cursor changes to a hand, nothing happens with the book. No Notecard and nothing to look at, then the two pictures of the opened book. I found two other of those book placed around the pavillion with the same result.

From here I walked to the other gazebos which are all alike by its architecture. In each of them you'll find an introduction of an author being a resident of "Nara's Nook". As there are:

Sara Lanel

Siobhan Muir

Shannan Albright

Tina Glasneck (unfortunately this book was closed and I could not open it)

Courtney Sheets

Stephanie Mesler

I haven't tried, but it says that all the Gazebos have Blamgates to visit the individual worlds of the writers within the grid.
There is much more information on boards spread throughout the park and in the Northeastern corner you will find a collection of teleporters to other worlds within the hyperverse.

That's it for the "Greyville" region. But not for Nara's Nook and the "Colony of the writing guild". The Ladies there are full of ideas how to use the possibilites virtual worlds give in storytelling.
Everybody is always welcome for a nice talk or in exchanging ideas. Just jump over and visit a grid of innovations.
I will continue reporting about this grid, cause there is lots more to show and to tell about the activities of the residents. As for example they will participate with a big showcase region on this year's OSCC. So stay tuned :-)

Nara's Nook Region Greyville

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