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Destination: Time Vault V

Log entry
Decision made to walk on the edge of the crater in counterclockwise direction. After a few meters I reach steps, leading outside the crater and downwards. At the end of the steps I am standing on a little platform. Octagonal pillars of different diameters arise out of the ground in different height with the maximum measure of a mans size

Log entry
There is a pathway behind those pillars made out of big stone blocks. I follow that way. The blocks show unidentifiable patterns on the sides. On one place I can see a waterfall coming out of the rocky hill side. Vegetation is sparse. Every so often an archway streches over the way. The path ends at another platform, surrounded by the pillars I have seen at the beginning. "Something", looking like a plant but for sure is artificial is set in the middle spinning around. A low fog floats over the ground.
In the vicinity to the Northwest I can see a little island with a blue crystal reaching out the ground and a few of the table rocks as to be seen inside the crater.

Decision made, due to the fact that the way ends, I will go all the way back and take the stairway inside the crater. At one place in the East another campfire place appears with two small rowboats ashore.

Log entry
At the end of the steps to the right another water falls out of the rock and vanish in the ground Somebody builds another archway, this time with a little bell underneath the archbow.
From the archway, round tiles lead through a little lake and meander between the table rocks. I take that way.

Log entry
The way leads to the building that looks like an observatory. The low standing sun reflects in the sandstone and let the building shine in a very white tone with a yellow portal. A small gap divides the whole building in two parts. The whole building is surrounded by a wall of about half mans height. I walk towards the building and enter through the gap. Inside I see a round framework spinning around a sphere. The framework seems to be build out of a brass material while the sphere is half translucent and gives view on another sphere or globe. The surface material of the outer sphere is in movemnet and shines in rainbowcolors. Groundfog floats from the structure to the outside of the building.

Decision made to leave this location and see for further destinations.

Log entry 12.53.35
I leave the building through the back portal and see another archway, one of the tentacle tree I have seen (see Log entry and another small crystal cluster. They seem to glow in white. Another stairway on the southern edge of the island leads down to the sea and ends somewhere underwater. Just standing there and thinking about my next destination, I see a balloon moving over the ground which I have not recognized before.

Decision made to fly back to the Sorthern end of the island I have landed the first time, to research on the rest of it.

Log entry
I am landing on one of the small land stripes and walk towards the green forest of mysterious plants to the East of me. The plant is a giant winder of unknown species. Clycinal flowers swim on the watersurface, reminiscent of carnivorous plant.
A little bit off the plant is another campfire with crates as seats and an anvil(?). Different items swim in the adjacent sea, like chairs, crates, a book, a half sunken row boat and an undefinable something. An odd clock stands in the water with lightnings flasing out of it to the sky. The scenery looks like a desaster has happened.

Log entry
A few meters away at the Southern shore of this lake steam rises from two chimneys of two bowls. A third bowl in the middle is damaged and the chimney lays aside, broken off.

Log entry
Walking back through the winder plant I can see metal tubes reaching out the ground and vanish back into it.
Above the winder another spiral building is hovering. The only way to get to the lowest platform is flying. It is a bit difficult to reach the platform because two green rings secure the platform from below. so I have to get on top of it from above.
Pillows are piled on two places of the roofed platform. Close to one of the piles is a filigree bookrest with a book. This should give way to a place called "Devokan Tao". But it does not work.
On one side a spiral way starts of to the next level which I climb.
Here I find three bookshelves. an orchid and a bird figurine in a birdcage.
The way of construction of both platforms is the same as seen on the first spiral buildings (see Log entry 12.49.42). Only the balustrade rings have a green color instead of red.

From this point I have another great overview above the whole area. The balloon I have seen disappeared, I could not find it anymore. And by now I have researched all of the area.

It's a great world and much to explore but its abandoned and I will leave this world with a great question mark in my mind. I think I will never find out what it is all about.
"Time Vault" is another fantastic build region by Paislee Myrtle and is loosely connected to the storytelling worlds of the "Devokan Trust". Just get over, breathe the inspiration and dive into your own story.
Tipping my hat to Paislee.

Kitely Region Time Vault Vault

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