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Destination: Time Vault IV

Log entry
Reaching the closest land stripe from my resting location in a short distance flight. The ground is a brown mass of dead organics. Unknown vegetation is growing in small spots. Some small green lifeform produce quick growing bubbles which burst in thousand pieces producing a green trail on a short distance around the organic. Some other light pink and light blue star forms hover above the Northern waters.

Log entry
Reaching a stone bench with view to a big tree, growing out the water at the Northern shore of the bending land stripe. Instead of needles or leaves the tree is covered with a myriad of tentacles hanging down to the ground. The tentacles shimmer in the colors blue, white to yellow and light pink. Seeds from plants hovering in the air carried by the wind. A torch like construction is build in front of the tree.

Log entry
Due to the curvy layout of the small island stripe, I am now heading Westwards and crossing a field of rainbow colors, glowing, man high grass. The grass has small yellow blossoms.

Log entry
Behind the grass field another strange structure comes in sight which might be half organic and half artificial. It grows out the water and I make a short flight jump over. The structure looks at its lower part like the inner part of a giant blossom. On top I see a single leave (?), formed like a ladle, carrying a yellow transparent sphere. Its surface is in a steady slow move .

Behind I can see another island with some buildings.
Decision made to turn back to the island I come from to discover the rest. Before I fly back I recognize some odd signs on the plant's island base.

Log entry 12.52.71
After the short flight back I follow the land stripe, now in Southern direction. The island is shaped in a U form. Two blue plants appear behind a small hill. I can't compare those with anything I have seen yet. Maybe one can take a rough comparison with fruits of the rosehip.

The island ends on a smaller hill.
Decision made to get over to the island with the buildings on. Have to fly. Landing point Western end of the island.

Log entry 12.52.72
Reached my landing point close to a blue glowing crystal, growing out the sandstone ground.
The mountain I have seen is kind of a craters edge. Looking towards the inner of the island I can see some odd looking "Table Rocks" and a few artificially build structures, like archways. In a distance behind the "Table Rocks" I see a building like an astronomical observatory.

Taking a little break.

Ending log 12.52.

Kitely Grid Region Time Vault
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