Freitag, 5. September 2014

Destination: Nosgoth

From "Avernus" a small street leads to the South through a portal to get to "Nosgoth". From there you already can see 9 tall smokestacks reaching into the sky.

Access the region, I asked myself, if I would meet some Vampires, I would have to fight, but than again it is the light of the day and not the best time for those creatures to be awake.  Walking the road I could see an armed figurine standing at a distance as it was waiting for me. Is that one of the creatures waiting for me and my blood ? Carefully I walked towards it.
Nice "Buddy" but stonily, maybe caused by the daylight.

Most of the houses have that medieval, tudor character...

....and some of the trees have a strange grow.

Almost every house is walkable but unfurnished.
But the most significant building on the region are the 9 stone pillars, which I first thought are smokestacks, almost positioned in the center of the region. They carry some strange signs, which I can not interpret. For this I might have been more familiar with vampires, I guess.

All in all the area is some kind of mysterious. Even the shrooms seem to watch your moves.

A small tavern welcomes its guest with bountiful tables but I did not want to rest here. On my way I met a few inhabitants but they have not been communicative at all.

The Southwestern part of the region is an open forest with some deers grazing.

And at the regions edge there is a bridge right to "Tir Geal" my next destination.
What I am surpised at, I could not find any secret on the region. This is quite unusal. Maybe you have more luck when visiting "Nosgoth". Let me know !

Ignis Fatuus Region Nosgoth

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