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Destinations: Tir Geal and Cambrien

As reported, a bridge in the Southwestern corner of "Nosgoth" leads to "Tir Geal". From a distance you can see a big rock with a tower in front, a smaller house, a funny looking tree and a dark castle.

Reaching the island, a narrow path leads around the rock at the Eastern coast, which I used to get inland. Again one will see those oversized shrooms and a Grotto comes in sight.

The cove is the home of a ghost and a sable-tooth tiger which stand sentinel over a treasure chest.

The house I have seen from the distance is a small farmhouse. Animals and farm gears are all around the area.

Before I continued to the castle I tried to find a way up the big rock, where I have seen a figurine standing on top. But when I turned around, there was another grotto guarded by two stone skeletons wearing cloaks and a bigger sort of sword.

Getting closer into the cove you will find some boxes to change the windlight settings the way you may like it.

The search for the way to the top of the rock stayed unsuccessful but I saw some smaller island which caught my interest, foremost the one with the funny tree

A smaller tower on one of the island is empty but the walls are made of nice textured glass. Interesting static.

The island with the funny tree carries a few prehistoric animals and some not so nice giant insects and is located on the region "Cambrien". The tree itself is walkable in its hollow inside and you will be surprised what to find there

From the prehistoric island I flew back to the main island an from there towards the dark castle. But for that I had to cross the border to "Hatmandor" and that again is another story.

Ignis Fatuus Regions Tir Geal and Cambrien Geal

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