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Destination: Valtheim

"Valtheim" is located East of "Hatmandor" on the Grid Ignis Fatuus. In main it is a small island offshore the region of "Alsorna" and connected to that via a smaller bridge. Beside that you will find a lighthouse on a single rock in the middle of the sea.

The island carries some trees and fantasy plants. My arrival point at "Valtheim" was close to a meeting pavilion which might have been build by elves.

As the whole island has an elfish touch.

But the most significant aspect on this island is "Dragons Head Rock". It looks like a natural rock formation with artificially created horns and eyes added to it.

The lighthouse on the rock is a well build and textured tower, the Ignis Fatuus Team is known for.

On the Eastern side a small rocky promontory reaches in the sea. From there you have a good view over to the building on the "Dar Pha" region

But before I will visit that fantastic building, I will turn to "Alsorna" . From the promontory I went back to the inner of the island and further to the bridge.

The first I saw there is an eldorado for mushroom pickers.

Most of the mushrooms are located at "Alsorna", my next destination and review.

Ignis Fatuus Region Valtheim

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