Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Metroberfest 2014 on the METROPOLIS Grid

Last year the "Metroberfest" has had a more Bavarian "Oktoberfest" character, but this year the Organizers decided to give it a more 'international' ambience with a little Bavarian touch.

METROPOLIS "Metroberfest"
Region "Oktoberfest"
Start September 29th 19:00 CET, 10 am pdt
End October 5th 24:00 CET, 3 pm pdt
Still, the name of the region is "Oktoberfest" hosted by Anette Hummel. The Ladies LyAvain Swansong and Alira Vigrin had been very busy, and still are, to give the region a great looking. Meanwhile zaphod Enoch canvassed artists, traders, designers and service providers from all over the Hyperverse to participate in the "Metroberfest"

The "Metroberfest" will present events throughout the week from Monday Sep 29th til Sunday 5th, starting 20:00 CET til Midnight or later (11 am pdt til 3 pm pdt or later), with the exception at Wednesday Oct 1st, when the first event will take place at 12 pm. The music events will take place either in the big tent or on the open air area. The readings will happen in the boiler house on the open air area.

11 live musicians are booked, 3 German authors will read out of their newest publications in German language, 2 English speaking authors will read out of their publications in English language and 5 DJ's and Jane's will turn the discs for you.
At the final day we will see the big Firework by Wordfromthe Wise and Sixtus Majus.

Beside the events there is a big market, where traders and designers offer there goods or service providers inform about their services. Market booths are given to
13 traders and SP from METROPOLIS9 traders and SP from OSGrid (which we hope will make it), 1 from Ignis Fatuus Grid, 1 from Kitely, 1 from Nara's Nook, 1 from Craft-Grid and 1 from Franco Grid.

And an ArtParc is build up, where visual artists will show their expertise. You will see works of 8 artists from METROPOLIS, Franco Grid, Kitely and OSGrid.

The region is still closed for the public. So stay 'tuned' with the "Hyperzette" for more information to come within the next weeks.

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