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Destination and Art: Midtown Arts Museum (Part 2)

"Poohkeepsietomeway Shops" is a harbour area. The main buildings on the front side of the docks are the "Mount Bethel Mysteries, Magic & Metaphor" building and adjacent the "Mount Bethel Lending Library".
On the jetties in front of the building one will find the "Midtown Art Walk". From the end of the jetties one has a good view to a big fountain just in the middle of the harbour waters.

The first industrial building on the left side contains a little chemical laboratory on its upper floor.....

....while the second buildingn an old dockyard, shows equipment used for cartograpic applications.

At the "Midtown Art Walk" you can see a collection of paintings done by Ruby O'Degee.

Entering the "Mount Bethel Mysteries, Magic & Metaphor" or the "Mount Bethel Lending Library"  one finds out that both are connected inside to one big library.
One feels very small, cause everything in there is build in an oversized style.
You can find some posters of  book covers but you can't get anything to read. Maybe this is something for the future Ruby is intending to offer as a service. But this, I do not know.

A stone bridge leads to an artificial island and from there to an elevator named "Midtown Underwater Elevator Car" with the choices to Floor 1 or Floor 2. Choose Floor 1 to get into the underwater section. Floor 2 is the level you are on.

A tube type walkway brings one to another underwater elevator. If there is no elevator, one can call it by using the pillar aside with the three rings. Each ring will call the elevator to a certain level. Floor 1 is the undersea level, Floor 2 sea level and Floor 3 railtrack level.

From here I selected the Floor 3, which brought me back on the railtrack level. Because of this little excursion under the sea level, I missed out an island to be reached from the railtrack and I made my way back a little.

After a short walk I reached "Sterling Vineyard. Gateway to Oakes Valley"

The Vineyard is composed of the yard and a bigger house. The ground floor and upper floor of the house are a small restaurant with chairs and tables and shelves with vine bottles and the cellar keeps the vine storage.

Leaving the vineyard, I walked back on the trails and from there forward in Eastern direction. The rail tracks run over a steampunkish bridge to reach "Tomeway Fish Camp", the next chapter in the review about "Midtown Arts Museum"

Kitely Region Midtown Art Museum Art Museum

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