Samstag, 20. September 2014

Destination: Time Vault II

Log entry 12.50.21
Woke up on the platform. The campfire is still burning. Only the wind produces the only sound to hear. From high on this platform of the spiral building I do have a good view over the area. To the South and West there is nothing else then water. To North and East I can see two solid islands, while the island I am on, looks like a kraken with a body island in the middle and many land stripes reaching like arms into the sea. More strange buildings and structures to be seen in the far. Not much vegetation in the area. I notice kind of a forest of unknown plants, behind the building I landed the first time. Haven't seen those yesterday, Was it yesterday ? I don't know the day cycle. According to my pocket watch I slept 6 hours but the light and the weather conditions did not change.

Decision made to walk East towards the conglomeration of buildings and structure I have mentioned in the log entry 12.49.38
Log entry 12.50.22
Walked over the narrow land stripes. Passing a small pond with blueish grass growing over the entire water surface. Reaching a bridge that crosses the water to the shore of a bigger land mass with the buildings on. Walking over the bridge. The construction is made of wood planks and solid.

Log entry
On the Eastern end of the bridge a rusty metal tower reaches into the sky. The tower is round and made of bigger stone bricks of brownish color. It's now standing in the water and the whole building tilt to east by approx 12 degree. There is an opening at the ground. Inside I can see a wooden pole reaching to the top and carrying a wooden platform which covers half of the towers top. On the tope another pole is mounted with flags in different colors on it.

Log entry
Behind the tower on the land stripe palm trees are growing. A gangway with four archways is build into the water. The floor is made of glas tiles and leads to two more towering buildings but will not reach them.
The building to the East looks like a top of the tower of a gothic church, while the building to the left could have been an industrial sky scraper. some strange apparatus is swimming in the water, as well as a telephone booth. This booth is somewhat familiar.
A closer inspection of the church tower does not give any new findings. The whole tower is tilt to Southwest.
The investigation of the industrial tower shows a building of four main pillars connected at the top. Inside a kind of a stabilizing gadget is mounted. This building is tilt to Northeast. A weathered stone figurine adjacent to the Church tower is standing on a platform in the water. Behind I can see another shape, I can't find any sense in it. Roughly it is faintly reminiscent of a buoy.

Decision made to rest and have an energy bar to eat out of my bag pack. The place close to the buoy thing, with a palm tree and a nutshell looking small rowboat seems to be the best place to do that.

Closing Log 12.50

Kitely Region Time Vault Vault

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