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Destination: Time Vault I

Log entry 12.49.37
Reached destination "Time Vault".
Landing point: Lake type. Standing in leg deep water.
Weather: Misty, yellowish brown atmosphere, breathable air, cloudy.
Surrounding: Glasshouse 1 m in front of me, looking east. Building is sunk in the water to about 2 m on one side but intact. Chairs and a basket filled with other baskets swimming inside the building.

Log entry 12.49.38
Reached nearest land from my landing spot in Southern direction. The land is just a small stripe between the lake I just left and another water. Unknown oversized mushroom type plants, grow out of the water.
A wooden gangplank crosses the lake from East to West.

Decision made to follow the land stripe towards East Southeast. Buildings of strange architecture to be seen in a distance.
Log entry 12.49.39
The land stripe ends before reaching the buildings. In front of me a half open floodgate divides the lake, I stood in, from the water with the mushrooms, which now looks like it is kind of a canal. A fishtrap is hanging from a crane into the water.
No living being seen yet.

Decision made to turn back and use the gangplank to get closer to the buildings in East Southeast.
Log entry 12.49.40
Gangplanks ends after a few meters on another land stripe. A bottomless boat lies in the water. Another water separates me from the other shore and the buildings and the landstripes lead to the Western direction. I can see a bridge which I may reach by following this landstripe in the Western direction.
First sign of Life: A swan draws circles in the water.
Weather or Lifeform: In a close distance very tiny white dots fall out of the sky. Maybe kind of botanical seeds or a weather phenomena.

Log entry 12.49.41
Reaching a mysterious structure.
Red glowing half rings are build over a smaller lake and reach from shore to shore. They seem to glow.
Lightnings flash over the water surface from the shores towards a dead tree in the middle of the lake. Jelly fish like lifeforms hover over the lakes surface in the cover of those red rings. A dragon creature is standing on the dead tree. No movement of the dragon to be observed.
A machinery is located at the northern end of the lake. Its a glass sphere with connectors on both sides. Inside I can recognize kind of crystals in different colors. There is a slight atmospheric flow to be seen inside the sphere. The connectors have metal tubes at their ends which end up in a bottom plate. On both sides are regulators for whatsoever. A attempt to move them failed.
Southeast of this structure another building of strange architecture is reaching in the sky.

Decision made to investigate on this building.
Log entry 12.49.42
Reaching the spiral building.
To investigate the spiral building I have to get to the first platform which is in an approximate height of about 15 m above ground. On the platform grows a tree and a few flowers. The platform itself is surrounded by one of those red rings which also to bee seen on the lake (see my last log entry). The ring is hold by wooden griders formed like young growing ferns. They are no plants but artificial, I am sure. On the Southeatern side of this platform a gangway leads to the next level. This gangway is formed like a spiral.

Log entry
The next level of this spiral building is another round platform with a campfire in the middle and bended stone benches at the fireplace. Same kind of girders than on the lower platform hold a roof of three layers. The lowest layer is made of straw which is covered by a green metal layer and the top is a brown metal. Large ensigns hanging from the bottom of the platform. Another gangway in spiral form leads further to the next level.

Log entry
I reached the top, which is an empty platform. Approximate height above ground 60 m. Similar building style than the other platforms. Fern formed girders and two ring balustrades of a red glowing material. Straw roof.
A machinery that looks like a back pack flight drive leans on one of the girders. The two tubes have a glass dome on top of each and inside I can see the same crystals as mentioned in the machinery in log 12.49.41. At the bottom two jets reach out. Seems to be a flight gadget.
I leave it there cause not familiar with the handling.

Decision made to get back to second level platform and take a break at the campfire and find a bit of a sleep.
Closing Log 12.49 for now.

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