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Destination: Time Vault III

Log entry 12.51.00
Decision made to cross the water to the island East of my location. The water seems flat and I will try to walk over. After about 15 meters the shore line falls steep and I use my ability to fly on short distances. A small flat area in front of the steep rocky coastline gives me a landing point. The stone is of green grey color. Hope to find an almost comfortable way to cross those mountains and get to the inner of the island.

Log entry 12.51.01
The only way is to climb the mountain. It looks like the island is just that rock in the water. About half the way up a giant tower comes in side. It is made of giant bended steel plates which turn rusty over the time. To investigate on that, I have to climb another 30 meters.
Ten steel plates of different sizes form the tower. Between each plate there are gaps. The bended plates are connected via two platforms and cover a mountain peak with crystals on its top. The same ones I have seen in the machineries I have mentioned in the log entrance 12.49.41
In the gaps kind of voicings, similar to the ones, one can see with organs are mounted. I do not have any idea what this is all about. The estimated height of the structure is about 60 m with a diameter of about 30 to 40 m.

I am climbing down again.

Log entry
I am reaching a flat plain at the foot of the mountain at almost sea level. Green trees, entirely green of leaves and stem, form a small open forest. The ground is still rocky but has turned color to brown on some places. It is astonishing how the trees can crack that solid stone and find the needed nutriment. On some place even a sort of grass finds hold on the rock and forms a small lawn.
What I thought to be just one island comes out to be a small archipelago of smaller islands connected by artificially created stone footbridges. On the way I found fire bowls with burning flames scattered over the islands.
After a short walk I recognized an alien air vehicle. It is build like a helicopter. The rotor blades are like leaves and pretty short. The cockpit is made of glass and there is only one form in it that could be a seat. If the organic formed back of the copter is an engine, I could not find out. But if it is, it is very small. Inside the cockpit I can't see any instruments or steering equipments.

Log entry
In an estimated distance of 30 m I can see another artefact. It definitely is build by some intelligent creature. It is a small stone or bone disc on two stone or bone legs: some kind of organic horns spread out of the bottom side of the disc. A half sphere, mounted underneath the disc, showing a moving star map (?) on its surface. White fog waft between the disc, the legs and the ground. Another estimated 30 meters away a similar construction, then the one I have seen on the mountain top, is build up. This is build of 7 bended metal plates and set up in a circle. The metal plates have a green pattern and do not look weathered. Outside the circle is another fire bowl. In the inside I can see a small rock or pile with green crystals sticking out of it. There is a platform in two third of the height of the construction. Three copper (?) organ pipe like structures are mounted on the outer ring of the platform. As there is no more at the southern coast of this island I turn back to the green tree forest.

Log entry 12.51.03
On my way back I recognize cloud puffs coming  out of a canal close to the copter location. Being back to the forest and the green grass field, mountains start to reach to the sky. And again I climb them up. From the top I can see a third of those ring constructions on this archipelago but nothing else. Decision made to climb down and have a rest after all this climbing. A flat area at the Northern coast of this island is the right place to recover. From there I can see a few islands in the vicinity. Three odd mountain in the form of oversized needles get my interest. They are circled by half transparent white spheres of different sizes.

Decision made to fly to the nearest island after the rest.
Closing Log 12.51

Kitely Region Time Vault Vault

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