Donnerstag, 4. September 2014

Destination: Riff Raff

Watashidachinouchi ?? That is the sobriquet of the region "Riff Raff" build and owned by Izzie Applewhyte and Jim Jackson, whose regions are now to be found on the METROPOLIS Grid after the OSGrid meltdown.

But what about that funny name ? Because the region is build as an Asian type region I figured that the name was somewhat Chinese of Japanese language and the closest I could find was the Japanese 'Watachitachi nouchi' which means 'Our land'. But why riff raff, I do not know ?!

As I mentioned before the region is build in a relaxing Japanese style, with three bigger buildings and two smaller ones. One arrives in the middle of the region next beside one of the bigger houses. This was the one I visited first.
The house is a wooden two store building with no windows.

Due to the fact that the doors did not open I guess this is the private section of Izzie and Jim which I respected and so I followed a smaller way to the next house. The way leads through a row of cherry blossom trees.

The house is open with no walls and a koi pool on the ground level. The upper level is a bedroom with the typical Japanese floor bed

Passing a smaller hillside in the South of the region I reached the next building. The house is build shoreside with a jetty. If it would not have the double bed, I would have thought that this building would have been a bath and massage parlor......but..... to relax here is absolutely possible ;-)

Over the hill through a smaller red leave tree forest up to the next building. Which is the right place for a bit of romance

And if you like to paint, there is a possibility to do in the quietness of the region

The last house I visit is again a more private home with a typical tradintional modern mixture of Japanese interior.

For me "Riff Raff" has a more private character. A safe haven for the builders, even so they say in their regions profiles:
'RIFF RAFF: Welcome to the home of Izzie Applewhyte and Jim Jackson. Peaceful and serene Japanese builds and scenery. Go for a stroll, take in the beautiful landscaping and Asian architecture.'
So take your chance and have a visit at this peaceful region (now in METROPOLIS)

METROPOLIS Region Riff Raff Raff

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