Samstag, 17. Mai 2014

The Hyperzette

Welcome to "The Hyperzette" - Notes about the Open Vorlds - . The intention of this blog is to give information about the Virtual Worlds which are connected via Hypergrid and do not have any commercializing effects for the residence, that is they are missing any virtual currency.
The Blog is run by zaphod Enoch, who has his location on the region "Beeblebrox" within the "Metropolis" Grid. Just to give a quick info about the Grid, here a quote from their Homepage:
'Metropolis Grid is based on the Simulator-Software OpenSim, an open source project.
The significant difference of Metropolis compared to Second Life is that there are no restrictions regarding the construction of buildings (prims, sculpties, etc.) on the Metropolis-Grid. Because Metropolis is absolutely free of any charge! Consequently, there are no Linden$ or similar virtual currencies. On the contrary: the grid operators, as well as the residents, give a lot of buildings, furnishing items, clothes etc. as freebies to other citizens. Thus, a new resident can rapidly build its own inventory. There are many freebie shops available on different regions, which are accessible via teleporting. '
For further information on the Grid see it's Website: (engl. version) (germ. version)

With "The Hyperzette" I hope to give some interesting News about the Virtual Realities which do exist parallel to the Big Player and may stir up the curiosity to have a look into this very interesting scene.

"The Hyperzette" wants to invite all of its readers to get involved. Everybody may get in contact with me to recommend articles or interesting things happening in the big wide Vorlds of the hypergrid. Or even better they have the opportunity to publish their own articles as guest editor or writer. After an editorial check the articles will be published in the name of the author.

So let me roll up my sleeves and start the work ;-)

The editor
zaphod Enoch

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  1. Excellent blog-)) Welcome to Metro!! I saw your post of this in OSC and have been sharing it around a bit.

    Also, you had wanted to contact me for something. In case you did not get my response you can find my email or find me in g+, which is best.