Montag, 26. Mai 2014

Destination: Craft-World - Aqua

When one visit the Craft-World Grid, you should visit the region "Aqua". Teleporting there you arrive on a pier and in front of you the silhouette of a big cruising ship appears, named "The Black Angel" by the owner and builder Licu Rau.

On the pier you'll find a big board giving 16 different teleport destination inside the ships hull.
To board the ship you can use these teleporters or you can use the gateway, as I did. You arrive in a main hall, kinda foyer, and walking to the right you pass some of the suites and a bar, getting to a stage and a dancefloor. Must have been a birthday party lately, looking at the decorations.

On the same floor towards stern you will find a casino. I am not sure if the Black Jack and Roulettes tables working, at least you can sit at them, but the slot machines are only decoration.

Taking the stairs upstairs the main hall will welcome you and you will find a very small selection of freebies. To my left I found some Ladies handbags. Two shops took my attention. One had only two female clothing sets to offer but the other had a small selection of skins and shapes for both genders. Another shop on the same floor offers table and floor lamps. But unfortunately most of the shops are empty. Maybe a good opportunity for merchants and creators to offer their products here in Craft-World ?!

On the next floor to the bow an oriental party was in preparation. To the sides of the hallway towards stern you'll find the next very convenient suites.

The next deck up holds the swimming pool and the sun deck. And in the back is the ships chapel ready for the weddings ?! On the same level you'll find a little fitness room and a cozy bar.

To get down again I tried the elevator system in the mid of the ship. But somehow I could not get it to work for me. So I walked all the way down again.

In the ships bottom under the waterline you will find a jungle bar and a theatre. And after all this exhausting partying one can relax in a jacuzzi midships.

Its fun to explore the ship and it takes a bit of time but its a pity that it is abandoned. Maybe a few more shops and a few events would breathe a little life in this proud ship. It's worth it.

Crafts-World Aqua

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