Freitag, 30. Mai 2014

Destination: MB Estate (Part2)

With this post, the reader will get an overview of single parts of the MB Estate by Maggie and Magnuz Binder. It's not the complete overview. Best is to visit and explore the area. Have fun !

This region contains astronomic exhibitions, information, images, and models, still under construction. At present there is an interactive rotating starry sky, and two observatory buildings. The region is mainly an education and science region.

This region contains an open sea straight, with an elaborate full region road suspension bridge, connecting the wall around the western Europe map, and the road around the eastern islands of the MB Estate continent. The region is mainly a tourist region.

These regions contain a 3D topography map of Europe and surroundings, spanning 9 regions, length scale 1 to 10000, height scale 1 to 200, with nation flags, major city markers, and information. The regions are mainly geographical and tourist regions.

This region contains a relaxing area for everyone. Take a balloon ride, or relax in a spa. There are chapel, castle, dance floor, and a maze. No stores, no stress or fights please. The place is only for relaxation. Welcome! The region is mainly an art and tourist region.

This region contains a terrain-created, sim-wide maze, with escape preventing glass roof, and stupid but stubborn sentinel robots chasing visitors, to cage them temporarily on their way through the maze. The region is mainly a game region.

This region contains a futuristic monorail, with 2 tracks, 4 vehicles, automatic track generation, working signals, but still much under construction. The region is mainly a vehicles region.

This region contains terrains, for viewing and free download, as RAW files. There are some 80 smoothly rolling, 20 mazes, 40 geometric, 3 multi-region, thumbnails and sculpt previews. The region is mainly a freebies region.

That's it about MB Estate. An amazing plaze to visit and to explore. These two articles only give an overview about it. Just get over there and have a look for yourself.


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