Samstag, 17. Mai 2014


About 2 1/2 month ago I arrived in the world of OpenSim in special "Metropolis". After two disappointments in isolated commercial grids where the social aspect is okay as long as the business is running good, I now found a place in the Hypergrid and started to build up "Beeblebrox". The name may give you an idea that I am a fan of  Douglas Adams and his books about "The Hitchhiker". But this is a different story.
Back to the region "Beeblebrox". My intention is to give a location for entertainment. Experienced through the years in SL (starting March 2007) and AVINATION, I will try to give that experience and knowledge and the fun to the Open Vorld.

First of all I have build the new "BluesFabrik". A venue exceptional for live music concerts. Hosting live musicians since 2008, the "BluesFabrik" is well known in the virtual music scene and musicians already announced their performing for you in the "BluesFabrik". The first event will take place on June 07th, but more on that on a seperate article.

The next building is set up for author readings and its called "Barteldan's Readers Coffee House". It's a small german style half-timbered house which may host approx. 10 listeners and a reader.

Since 2008 I am producing theatre plays in the virtual worlds with the help of my friend and stage director Rubeus Helgerud. The plays are produced in german language and had premier in the theater "Die Kulturschaukel" since. This is the reason you will find the theater "Die Kulturschaukel" on "Beeblebrox".

With my partner Ichimomo Nakamura we started to produce dance shows in 2012, which we like to continue in Metropolis. A special building inside the highest mountain of "Beeblebrox" will be the location for such kind of events "The Dome".

One of Ichi's production is already in preparation for the performing. But that is all we let on about for the moment.
Ichimomo Nakamura owns a little place way up "Beeblebrox" which is worth a visit. It's her "Enchanted Realm" and she is always pleased to welcome visitors there. You find a teleporter to her realm in Beeblebrox's railway station "Rupert's Height".

One more building to mention here is the "MaxiMegalon Exhibition Hall" also build into the mountain. Here I hope to show you exhibitions of painters, photographers, sculptors and alike.

So much for now. The region is not finished yet in all its little things but ready for the public and ready to start its purpose.

As said above the first performance and official opening on "Beeblebrox" will take place June 07th but the full operations of the region will happen after the trip to Real London end of June.

I started with 0 and now approx. 12000 prims later I like to welcome all of you.

METROPOLIS Region Beeblebrox/Rupert's Height Railway Station

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