Dienstag, 27. Mai 2014

Destination: METROPOLIS - Wunderland

Converting the size of my Avatar to real life size, I would measure a little bit over two Meters. And my Avatar is small compared to a lot others. So you might think you are tall ?  At "Wunderland" you will be taught better. Brenda Geissen's region is build for the giants, and one feels smaller than an fly.

Looking at the region from a way distance it looks like a very small room, with a bed, a small wooden book cabinet, two bedside tables, one is carrying a little fish tank. And another table at the beds end, with a suitcase on top carries a model of an old sailing ship. On the bed cats are playing while a big Doberman is watching it. But I will show you the dimensions of what you see from the distance now. By the way, most of the time I was in flight modus to get to the things, climbing impossible!
Me, eye in eye with the Doberman.

Those chocolates may be heavy on the stomach.

Me in the aquarium and the sharks stay friendly.

These shoes are made for walking.

Taking a break in the fold up castle from the book on top of the shelf.

Eye in eye with a tiger.

Do not play with the matches.

A tree house in a house plant.

Set a sail in a suitcase.

"Wunderland" is a gorgeous place to explore. All things are giant but very detailed. The few pictures I published here are only a minimum of all the things you can see. Another place in the hypergrid universe which is to recommend.  Come on over and take your time at this 'wundervoll' place.

Tipping my hat to Brenda Geissen.


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