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A Hommage to the "Land of the Amazons"

The Amazons, also known as Oiorpata in the Iranian, Scythian, are a nation of all-female warriors in Greek mythology and Classical antiquity. Herodotus placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine). Other historiographers place them in Asia Minor or sometimes Libya. In METROPOLIS they are at "Ly's Insel"

LyAvain Swansong a member of "Amazonien" a German RP Group in Second Life got the allowance to build an outpost in the Hypergrid, she started in the OSgrid but for reasons she changed to METROPOLIS and continued her builds. Now 3 years later the flat region turned into a pearl within the grid. "The Hyperzette" had the honor to get a guided tour over the region.

We started at the pier in the middle of the region and stride though the portal which is as old as the RP and was allowed to be set up in METROPOLIS by Ly.

Behind the portal we entered the little village. The tree houses are furnished and the sceneries give it life.
A blacksmith caught my eye in its detailed build. Most of the tools are animated.

A steep and narrow path up the mountain leads to the volcano edge, which we passed and arrived at the "Garden of Her Highness" and the anchoring place of her airship. A little bit further we arrived at the "Sanctum" a central sanctuary for the daughters of Pallas Athene.

Playing the RP this places wouldn't be accessible for the players but her highness and could only be set foot in with company of a warrioress. For now they are open for public.
Back in the village we visited "The Tavern" one of the main builds in the RP, where most of the stories started and be played. It's not a building with walls but curtains tight between tree stems. A big table catches one eyes and an open kitchen. Ly places a big value on the details and you see a lot of details within this room.

Crossing a bridge one starts to explore the "Hinterland" where you first pass some wheat fields and farm animals before you see the working "Windmill" build in the old style 600 b.c. in the Black Sea area. Right beside it one will find "The Bakery" again with animations.

We passed the "Schrein der Aenigna" "Shrine of the Aenigna" which hides a secret you have to find out.
After the "Späherhaus" which again is very detailed equipped. The backyard holds a pier for the only trading ship. Only the "Späherinnen" "Scout"'s allowed to trade with the "Outworlds".

After we crossed "The Swamp" and "The Forest of Hunt" we get to the "Temple of Artemis" the Goddess of the hunt and nature.
Right at the end of the peninsula you will arrive to the "Circle of the Shamans" a place of worship to the Gods in this world. And last we climbed the stairs up to "The Bonfire". A light warning the ships of the shoals and cliffs.

This is only a very short report about Ly's Island and the pictures give only a small impression of what will await one visiting the region. My journey with Ly took almost two hours and it was a lot of fun. All over the places you see animated things, animals and others and she assured me that there are a lot of hidden things you can find and try out.

She told me that she would love to have a lot of visitors. "The Hyperzette"agrees on that.

Anyway this work of LyAvain Swansong is worth a travel and a stay.  Just get there, explore it (flying disabled), try out the animations, find the hidden things or take a trip around the isle with the catamaran (explanations about places included)

Tipping my hat to LyAvain.

METROPOLIS Region Lys Insel

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  1. Danke dir Zaphod... Die Führung hat Spass gemacht, und vielen, vielen Dank für den schönen Bericht.

    Liebe Grüsse