Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Freebies: **EMPORIUM** Shopping Mall

Traveling the broad expanse of the hypergrid I came across a region in the OSgrid named "**EMPORIUM**" owned by Mona lilla. Having a closer look to it, the region showed up as a big shopping mall. Three main buildings face the picture. A huge blue twin tower building, a white 5 level building. Looking at it from way above it is reminiscent of a smiling mask. The third building is a smaller Sci-Fi like tower with an UFO hovering above it,

The first building I entered was the main white mall.

The base level is filled up with a lot of furniture for living rooms by a variety of creators but you also find hairs and clothing for both genders in the right wing of the building. And, Ladies, even shoes are on the tables. No worries gents you will find footwear as well.

The second floor is mainly bedroom furniture with animated beds. One kids room is on offer, too. The hall is a bit of a maze and finding the entrances to the single exhibitions rooms is not very consumer friendly. But this is my humble opinion.

The third floor shows modern open fires and older chimneys to give your living room a cozy atmosphere. In the other wing of the same floor there are bath tubes and bathroom equipment.

From this level of the building I could not find any more steps going upstairs and I used the teleporter system with the destination: kitchens. One click and I found myself in a hall with numerous styles of kitchens and dining room furnitures. As it seems I am in the cellar now.

From here a way leads outdoor and in the exhibit are a lot of outdoor facilities as well as sculptors. The fourth and fifth levels of this building are empty.
My next attention was the Sci-Fi tower with a selection of cars modern and old. Some of the cars are ridable some are only standing models.

The twin tower building is an empty building and except to look at its architecture there is nothing else.
The mall is not a big one but the selection of items is good, it's worth to have a look if you are missing something.


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  1. Were the license terms posted? Some creators, for example, don't want to see their products taken to other grids, or used on commercial grids, while others don't mind. Thanks!

  2. The empty twin towers looked to be a hotel destination kinda thing. Mona have plans for making it as such? And do you know comments are off in the G+ post that Batty Betty(minethere-minitheory) shared? I'm wanting to know who is doin what and why so I can do what's and why's also and know. :)

  3. From Radioactive Rosca, Radioactive Grid:

    With OSGrid offline for several weeks, where can I get the OAR file, if possible, for my non-commercial grid? Many thanks in advance.