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Freebies: Wright Plaza Freebie Mall

To find freebies is always a hunt. In closed grids you are disadvantaged in the way you only can check within the grid for creators and retailers who offer such things. Within the Hypergrid you can travel numerous grids to find what you are looking for. In a loose series "The Hyperzette" wants to give an overview about places in the Hypergrid where you can find freebie offers, and let me say that it is not only Linda Kellie items you will find. Not to call the quality of Linda Kellie items in question.
To start up "The Hyperzette" visited one of the oldest Freebie Mall in the Open Sim Community:

Wright Plaza Freebie Mall

The region Wright Plaza is located in the OSgrid (destination see at the end of the arcticle) and host the OSGrid welcome region with technical information for all and is the place to start on OSGrid. A two level community building informs the newcomer of the first steps one can make in the OSgrid.

The biggest building on the region is a three level tall store, where you can find freebies of all kinds, like Avatar shapes and skins, furniture, funstuff, vehicles, building parts and so on.

But that's not it. On the Region there are two boulevards laid out in a L shape with smaller stores from different traders and creators offering a variety of products. The stores border the boulevards on both sides. All build in the same style and do have a ground level and an upper level. I did not count the stores but estimate the number to about 30 to 40 different ones. Have a look at all of them may take a good two to three hours and you have to watch your growing inventory when strolling, that is for sure.

To get an item of your desire, just click on it with the right mouse button and on the appearing menu either buy it for 0 currency or take a copy. That varies with each of the products, for some both is possible buying and take copy. After a short while you can recognize it in your inventory and it does not matter from which grid you come along.

If you are exhausted of all the shopping you may want to have a break at the movies. One of the buildings is a movie theatre where you can see numerous  movies on four different screens. Just have a break and a look, it's fun and interesting, depending on the movie you selected.

One of the shops is a travel agency showing a selection of regions within the OSgrid. A very helpful place for travellers exploring the grid. You see pictures of areas which are as well teleporters to the places. Click the picture and get teleported. So get your backpack and start your travel into the OSgrid vorld. Some nice places waiting for you.

According to the region info the owner of the area is Plaza Builder, but this is a shared account. So any contact according the mall should be done to the OSgrid administration or via  (this is an IRC client address)

Wright Plaza Freebie Mall is a place one can't ignore on the search for good freebies.

OSgrid Region Wright Plaza Freebie Mall

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