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Destination: Metropolis - Weltraumbahnhof

Travelling the Hypergrid or being new in a certain grid it is not easy to find the orientation one need to feel comfortable in a strange environment. In most cases the first one needs is where to find certain things or places.

This was the case with Spike Sol a resident in METROPOLIS. As he (RL)/she (VR) told the editor he can't remember names and is too lazy to run through destination listings, Spike had the idea to build teleport gates on his region for his most important destinations. Being a veteran in the virtual worlds, he started in 2009 in SL, Spike learned how to build things and due to the experiences in the OSgrid he had the knowledge to set up his own homeserver.
In the beginning in METROPOLIS it was good enough for him that the boxes just had been simple box prims, but during the time they received the ring form, the diffusing inlet and the picture of the pointing area.
Spike told friends about it and showed them his creations, and they were impressed. That was the starting point of the "Weltraumbahnhof" (Space Station). A collection of Teleport Gates to destinations not only METROPOLIS but the HYPERGRID.

If you look a the "Weltraumbahnhof" from outside its kinda space sphere but this is not the view one will have when arriving there. The landing point of the station is a little bit off the center and after you have give it the time to rezz you will recognize a fountain in the center of the building.

There you will find some posters of actual events coming up. In my case now are the preannouncement of the REZZDAYS 2014.
From the center one can enter themed rooms where one will get to the teleporters.
The themes are: Freebies, Sandboxes, Arts, Education, Leisure, Roleplay and Partyzones

And here there are: the teleporters. The single locations of the teleporters do not follow any priorites. There are just set up by random. The teleporter itself is a collision type teleporter. That is you just walk through, no clicking, no menu. In front of the teleporter you will find two information boards, technical wise and what to expect.

New and under construction is the second floor where Spike tries to set up more boards with information about events or interesting stuff within the hypergrid.

The "Weltraumbahnhof" is a good example about how laziness can become very innovative. The"Weltraumbahnhof" is a must see for all travellers and a good help for newcomers and even for the grid veterans. Thanks Spike for this region.

One more thing to say: "The Weltraumbahnhof" is located on a Homeserver and therefor not open on a 24 h base. The opening hours are approx. from 09:00 - 23:00 CET ( 12 am - 02 pm pdt )

METROPOLIS Region Weltraumbahnhof

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