Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Freebies: Kaufrausch Mega-Store

Again I took my backpack and strolled the Hypergrid. And my way took me to Dorena's World.  A nice little grid. My starting point for this mission was METROPOLIS Spike Sol's "Weltraumbahnhof" choosing the room which is categorized "Freebies" you will find a gateway named "Santiago". In the known manner I stepped towards the teleporter and it sucked me in and spit me out right in the Mega-Store building "Kaufrausch" at Dorena's World.

The building itself is one of the shoe box like buildings, not the extravagant buildings of  the baroque architecture but quadratic, practical, good. And it's the contents that is of interest. On three stages you will find a lot of freebies by creators like:

Klarabella Karamell
Catie Chiung
Anachron Young
Linda Kelly
Thorn Tuxianer
Dorena1 Verne

just to name a few.

The items you can find are spread all over the building and are not sorted in any order. One has to take a little time and walk pass them.

Escalators will bring you to and from the next floor.

But there is a lot more to discover at "Santiago" than only the Mega-Store. One will find an exhibition with pictures made by Anachron Young in the "Ars Pro Toto" Building.

A little tutorial area close to the Open Air stage will show you how to squeeze and twist the prims.

Some instruments are to be found in the music store

Another highlight at "Santiago" is an Off Road track for Mountain Bikes. You get an animated mountain bike and a speed hud and off it goes on a nice track on top of the mountain around an observatory. It's fun, you should try it. Unfortunately you have to find a Sandbox somewhere to unpack the bicycle, would be nice to have a little space for unpacking right at the Start zone. The good thing is you can copy all the needed things for building your own race track. You'll find the items included in a box. The track and the equipments are made by Anachron Young.

"Kaufrausch" and "Santiago" is a good place if you are looking for items and its a fine collection you may not find anywhere else. Most of the items on "Santiago" are free to copy, even the houses.

Dorena's World Santiago - Mega-Store Kaufrausch

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  1. Vielen Dank für deinen schönen Artikel. :-)

  2. Santiago doesn't exist on a search in Metropolis and doesn't work as a HG jump neither. Sorry

  3. Santiago is a place located in the grid "Dorena's World". I can only give the hop URL's that are given with the landmarks. Sorry for any inconvenience.