Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Destination: OSgrid - HyperGrid Depot

Build like a big railway station one will find a big destination gateway in the OSgrid. As in METROPOLIS this is a big help to find an orientation in the grid itself as in the hypergrid universe.

A big hallway from North to South divides the region in two sides to the West and to the East . Each side holds 15 platforms with a possible maximum of 4 gates to each side of the platform.

The handling for the teleport jump is pretty easy. At the hallway one can see sign boards for each platform, telling you which gates to find. The ones in action are written in white letters, temporary down destinations are written in yellow. If a "gate coach" does not contain a destination one will see that in red letters.

If you found a destination you like to go to, walk down the platform to the coach which is marked by another sign board in front.

To teleport just enter the coach and you will receive a note in the public chat, telling:
"All Aboard". That's it, one has nothing more to do than to wait a little bit and the teleport starts.
Unfortunately as a METROPOLIS residents it seemed, that some of the white marked destinations did not work while others did. It twice happened for me that during the teleport my Firestorm viewer crashed.

Looking for a certain destination, two boards in the middle of the hall way give an overview of the destinations to be reached.

One shows the Hypergrid enabled grids, with the same color code as described above and the other shows destinations within the OSgrid which may be reached by this system.

Builder of the Depot and owner of the region "HyperGrid Depot" is Samuel Greenway. We are trying to get in touch with him for a small talk about the depot and hope to publish this in one of the next posts.

Anyway, well done Samuel, a great help for the travellers of the Hypergrid Universe.

OSgrid Region - HyperGrid Depot (My Island, HyperGrid Depot (125, 127, 24))

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  1. this is most probably one of my 4 top telehubs for grid jumping IF it was actively being worked on. So I hope someone can get Samuel reinterested in that great build of his. My memory is telling me there was a train depot telehub WITH an underground telehub that had music and subway sounds and was alive and fun, but with no live human av's around at the time I was there. Anyone know? :)