Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

Freebies: Aqua Dark

Coming to METROPOLIS "Aqua Dark" you'll find yourself in a fantastic environment in front of a stairway leading to a building welcoming you to "AQUALAND".

But before I entered the building I turned to the right where it says "Garden Center". Here you can get some plants, flying butterflies, fountains, an overgrown wall to beautify your region.
Unfortunately the "Flohmarkt" on the other side did not offer anything.

After this little excursion into the surroundings I entered the building. You'll arrive in a big hall where you find full female Aqualand Avatars, Pixies, Mermaids and other Fantastics.

Passing all those extraordinary female outfits and Avatars you come to the male's section. It's not as big as the female department but has a good more or less fantasy collection.

Another wall is full with different "Dance Huds" offering dances in different categories.

And in the front right hand corner seen from the entrance of the building you will find more selections of women and kid's clothings and shapes.

In the middle of the building a stairway leads downwards to the basement. Sculpted prims, textures of all kinds, more clothing for the ladies, fairy posters, a huge range of trees and a tutorial on "How to build" are waiting for you.

Leaving the building through the main entrance down the big stairs you walk straight on to a portal  that will transport you right away to "Auenland" "The Shire".
One just has to walk through it, no click, no menu. But what awaits you there will be another story.

If you are new to the hypergrid, "Aqua Dark" and Aqualand  by its owner Lacchi Macchi is a very good address to discover and to check for items you might need even if you do not want to be a fairy or a mermaid or a teen.


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