Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Destination: The Shire (Auenland)

Passing the teleporter to "Auenland" at Aqualand on Aqua Dark it spits you out in the center of a little park in "Auenland""The Shire" and one has the choice of four ways. A signpost helps you to find the way. My first aim was "Steinbüttel".

I reached a waterfall which I could stride through. And so I did. Behind I found a dreamworld. If that was "Steinbüttel"...I don't know ?!

Next stop "Wasserau". A little watermill beside a waterfall in a dreamy landscape.

"Hobbingen" a little Hobbit village surrounded by needle moutains. The village gives you a cozy and peaceful emotion. The houses are furnished and it's only the little people with the hairy feet who are missing.

After passing a tunnel at the village's end another signpost showed me the way to "Herrenhaus". A bigger manor at the shores of the seaside within a forest. A good place on the jetty to take a break from the journey.

After a little while I continued  my way and arrived at another parting of the path. My way aimed to the "Altes Schloß". Strolling those pathways will offer you some fantastic views before you stand in front of a big wall and and a gate. One arrived at the castle.

The castle itself is fully furnished. Unfortunately I went out of film and could not make any more photos ;-). To see what is inside you have to travel to it by yourself.
Fortunately the teleport tickets to METROPOLIS "Auenland - The Shire" are on offer at the moment for unbeatable $Nothings.
Come on over. Visitors are always welcome.

METROPOLIS Aqua Dark / Auenland

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