Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

May I introduce.....Andremus Miklos

The third musician performing on the reopening of  the "BluesFabrik" (June 07th, Start 21:00 CET, 12 pm pst) will be Andremus Miklos. Some of the virtual music lovers may know him already; is he touring many grids since the start of the year. But let me take the chance to introduce him a little closer.

Andremus Miklos

Andremus Miklos is a French composer, songwriter, singer...keyboard and guitar player.
He not only performs in real life but in the virtual worlds.

Years ago one of his best friends gave him a guitar and the left handed Andremus started to teach himself how to play the thing.
Years went by and he met other musicians from whom he learned a lot more. He even played on the streets, what he said was a great experience for him and he don't want to have missed that. With his real life musical friends he started to perform live shows with cover songs . That was the time he started to compose his own songs and playing and singing as a solo musician.

His music is influenced by a variety of other music gifted persons like Georges Brassens, Bernard Lavilliers, Steve Hackett, Yves Duteil, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque, Georges Moustaki, Serge Gainsbourg, The Pretenders.

Not long ago he discovered the virtual worlds and found a new and exciting way to present his music to a new broader and excited audience. Most of his lyrics are in French but he sings English too.

For more information and music samples see:

METROPOLIS Beeblebrox / Bluesfabrik

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  1. Andre is a nice man and a friend of mine. I had asked him to come into Metropolis and I gave him and his friends rez rights on one of my regions, and he has performed 2 times I think, so far, there....then he decided to start going around to other places in the Meta, which I really like.

    I have HG'ed into Francogrid to see him perform also.

    I think it is fun and wonderful him enjoying doing this.


  2. I have been on his Tour of grids with him supporting him, and have seen the great comments people have been saying,( what a great voice , great songs, u made my toes tap , etc) and most of the times have asked him back to sing there again, Andre loves sharing his music with you .