Freitag, 27. Juni 2014

Art: Firefly

On one of my last travels through the hyperverse I landed on a region in METROPOLIS which is not really to be filed in any genre. The region is interesting, futuristc, fascinating, steampunk, organic. In the profile of the region it says:
'A unique Organopunk sim - the power house of the region of Seventh Guest'
The talk is about "Firefly" by Bridget Beresford.
Whatever Organopunk is, the web does not tell. Looks like it is a mixture of Steam, Electricity and Organic 'Something'.
For me it's a fantastic region of art, but see yourself and do not forget to feel it live by visiting.

Something organic 'alienatic'.

Giant spores and crystals

Everything in motion

The powerplant

Is this the new source of energy ?

These picture should be a teaser for you to visit this well done region.
I hope I can get in touch with Bridget to ask her a few questions about Organopunk and "Firefly". And I will let you know.....promised ;-)

METROPOLIS Region Firefly

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