Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Destination: Gardenia

"Gardenia", located on planet Earth, is the home town of Bloom, Roxy, Mitzi, Macy, Mike, Vanessa, Klaus and Morgana. This is the first line one will read on the profile info of Gardenia.
When I landed there I materlialized just in the middle of those folks, I believe.
I am not familiar with the animated TV series called the "Winx Club", so I asked Wikipedia what it is all about and it says:
'Winx Club is an Italian animated television series..'
This and many more information about it is to be found in the German as well as in the English Wikipedia for the curious readers.
The funny region is build as the cartoon series "Winx Club" and is made by Cuteulala Artis.

It looks like the region is actually two regions but this is an illusion. The pink coloured house on the Northern side off the region is an off-sim build and not reachable.

The region itself is surrounded by a big grey stone wall and most of the area is a park with colorful trees and many mushrooms, some are bigger than the trees

A few buildings are spread over the area like a grey building with a stone basement. This is kind of a large dorm room for the young ladies. Sorry, I did not want to disturb !

On a bigger plaza one will find the "Believix Winx Clubs Girls" and above it a large Pixie hoovers .

Looks like in one of the series the girls are on a Mars mission?!

The biggest building in yellow with red columns seems to be the town hall or alike with a big hall where a banquett is hosted. The tables are staidly laid.

To know what the sculpture in the middle is, you have to be a fan of the "Winx Club"

It's a funny area and build with a lot of love to the television series, which still is on broadcast. Unfortunately there is not much information about the series on the region. It surely would be of help for the ignoramus. But the region is great and a fun to explore. Tipping my hat to Cuteulala Artis.

OSGrid Region Gardenia

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