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Destination: Astral-Matrix

One take a bit of Stonehenge, stir carefully some Myst in it, spice it with a spoonful of sounds and a pinch of animations, script it on low heat and ready is
"Astral Matrix"
A region done by Sixtus Majus.
One can't pigeonhole "Astral Matrix". It is a bit of everything: Art, Fantasy, Experiment, and Playground. But let me start to present this fantastic region

Arriving at "Astral Matrix" you find yourself on a platform within a half a circle of the Stonehenge prehistoric monument. There you will see some funny looking figments.

Looking at more closely those are pose stands and next beside is an inworld menu similar to what you see when checking on your computers filesystem. In this case it will show you the animations which are available for that stand and in the root prims inventory. You sit on the pose stand by clicking on the vendor with the left mousebutton. Using the right button you choose animate in the pie menu. Your Avatar will take the active pose selected, clicking one of the offered pose in the file system window and the pose is changing to that. Selecting can be done by click on the name or using the arrows at the bottom to change in sequence. A brilliant work.

Those vendors may come in handy for some projects but they are not copyable due to their scripted arithmetics. Sixtus told me that you can contact him if one is interested. Just IM Sixtus Majus or leave a NC.
A small stoney pathway leads away from that platform into the fantastic landscape with oversized shrooms

At the next 'Myst'ified' location you'll find other filesystem type vendors. Now is the moment you should set the volume of the sounds high in your viewer. You will hear the background brawl of a nearby waterfall. Selecting one of the categorized sounds, listed in the vendor and you will hear that sound immediately. I choosed some at the vendor "Motor". Not a good choice, some remind me of sitting in a dentist's chair.

A ramp lead me down to the "Mushroom Bay" a relaxing area where you see the waterfall, the source for the brawl. A good place for a little break.

Looking at the pics you may ask what the dark blue lines are. These are the cables of a gondola cableway which surrounds the islands. To get to the starting points you have to get back to the Stonehenge platform and than going down towards the Virtual Sea.

Two gondolas waiting for their visitors. The right one will bring you to specific places you may choose from the vendor in front. The left one is for a round trip either clockwise or counterclockwise. Just take a seat by clicking on the spheres above the right and left seats. Preferable the gents on the blue and the ladies on the red sphere.
When everybody is seated click the green button above the vendor and enjoy the trip. In my case the seat was sucked into the gondola but not me, but still I was connected to the gondola and enjoyed the ride.

Very smoothly the gondola and me slided through a fantastic landscape. I don't wanna give to much impressions. You have to see by yourself ;-)

A great region done by Sixtus Majus and some fantastic vendor scripting; I haven't seen up to now in any of the grids I know, and I do know a lot. And I tell you something but keep it for yourself, Sixtus is a very talented scripter but this is part of another story. Congratulations Sixtus Majus and tipping my hat.
(P.S.: As I have said with the Gondola the seat will moved in at the start phase but not the Avatar sitting on it. I just talked to Sixtus and he said, that with the new OS Version 0.8. this is a bug that the Avatar is not attached to the prim anymore while sitting , and is a bug)

METROPOLIS Region Astral-Matrix

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