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Destination: Dreamt Forest

'A place where people could forget the hardships of real life and allow themselves to participate into a unique journey, entering a new virtual world of fantasy and magic.  Elves, Hobbits, Spirits of nature, all living in harmony in this imaginary world. Feel free to join the family of this unusual fantasy world.'

That is the description one will get when coming to "Dreamt Forest" by Navah Dreams. As she says in her profile she is a 3D artist from Greece.

Coming to"Dreamt Forest"one arrives in a light build blueish green "Elven Pavillon" from where one will start the journey.

When I arrived there, nothing (but the LM's in the notecard) gave a hint where to go. I did not want to teleport. So I decided to walk northwards. I came across a waterfall and turning my head up I saw buildings on top of the mountain.

Trying to find a way on top, a wall stopped my way forward. Walking around it, steps invited me to come into a fantastic, dainty, elfish like building. This must have been the "Elven Palace".

I spent some time in this dreamy area. The air was full of birds singing and the flow of the water in the creek. In two of the many pavilions I found a small exhibition with pictures of a beautiful area taken from a different region than this one.
But I wanted to see more of the region so I left this wonderful place again.
I headed southwards and suddenly I was in a quiescent forest following a path with bridges crossing some smaller creeks. Must have been in the "Fairy World".

Walking my way the forest opened from the denseness of the leave trees to a wider growth of larger pines. No doubt this was the "Pine Forest".

Strolling towards Southeast through a fantastic landscape I arrived in the "Hobbit Village" with it's small Hobbit homes. This cozy village is build in the middle of the forest and it was a bit difficult to take a picture of the hidden houses cowering in the thickets.

The last spot I visited on this enchanted region were the "Ruins".
The "Ruins" are ancient remains of an old stonebuilding, overgrown by ivy and other plants. Only a statue of an angel is still without any damages.
From here I had a view on another statue on a small island at the outfall of a river. Looks she is keeping her eyes on the region.

All the photos you see are just a flat 2D impression of what I have seen. They never will show the beauty of that region when being there in virtual real. Just take your time, stroll over the region and do not forget to set the sounds on high volume.
Tipping my hat to Navah Dreams

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