Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2014

Shopping: Nice Butterflys

A new shop will open on the METROPOLIS Grid "Nice Butterfly"

Lysandra and Alex Ninetails who's nickname is "Nice Butterfly's" will open their shop with a big party and DJane Anette on

June 14th, 20:00 CET (11 am pdt)

on the region "NB-Nice Butterflys 1"

Seven years ago both started their virtual live in SL. Pretty soon Lysandra started to create her own clothing and in a short she had her own collection
As of recently both arrived in METROPOLIS and determined that OpenSim is in need of a different taste in womens outfit. And that is what the Shop will offer

Clothing of the fancy kind and groovy shoes for the female avatars are on offer.
All outfits are created and designed by Lysandra Ninetails and only to be purchased through this shop
You look for the unusal kind, latex and leather. High Heels and Overknees, Eyecatching Dessous
All a woman's heart is wishing for, and a man's to look at.

METROPOLIS Region NB-Nice Butterflys 1 Butterflys 1

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