Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Destination: Ashos

"Ignis Fatuus", which is the Latin name for "Will O' The Wisp" or "Foolish Fire" is a grid where I found a contiguous cluster of 27 regions. And have a quick overview about that complex it looks fantastic and is a mixture of reality and fantasy. Sometimes it is hard to figure out, if the buildings one see are rebuilds of a real building or just fantasy.
The builder Max Hill (if he is the only one) did an extraordinary work creating all those regions.
I will start my travel description on Ashos the most Northern Region of the complex. The presentation of the others will follow in loose order.

My journey of discovery starts at a gazebo at the Northeastern part of the peninsula. It has the touch of an Egyptian architectural style, as the floor reliefs may proof.

To the West of it a temple caught my attention and I walked towards this impressive building. My way leads through a thick bamboo forest and you hear the sounds of toads, frogs and cricket in the background.

After a short walk I reached a broad entrance way and the stairs to the building, which reminded me a bit to the Taj Mahal. The outer walls were pretty plain and I was curious about it's inner look. But this you have to see for yourself ;-)

My way leads further south. Another building peaks out of the jungle to my left. A dark grey stone brick building guarded by two statues of unknown beings came in my sight. I entered the building anyway not really afraid of the guardians and assumed that it must be the home of the Indian Goddess Kali, somehow.

The two elephants are friendly btw.. Even though they sound pretty dangerous ;-)
Crossing a light forest of palmtrees a few smaller builds came in sight.

But this is "Bhogavati" area and travel story for its own. Heretofore "fir milenge!"


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