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Shopping: METROPOLIS Atlantis1

Shopping Malls are always interesting places to fill ones inventory. Even if you think you do need nothing its fun to walk through the shops and have a look on the offers. And at the end of the tour your inventory counts a higher number of items than before you started. So it might be with Atlantis1 by region owner Anette Hummel on METROPOLIS Grid.
On the 256 m x 256 m region you'll find different shops arranged in an open square with a little park in the middle.

A few shops are vacant and if one is interested in renting a shop, just get in touch with Anette Hummel.
Different traders with different goods are to be found here.
As there is "Alira's Blumenladen" with all kinds of potted flowers for home and garden.

Next beside you will find "AVATAR Builder". Its a brandnew shop and still under construction but I think Roffo Lemon will open it pretty soon. What I could see through the window already, are fingernails, tattoos, AO's, make up and eyes. For sure there will be more on offer.

A few steps away you can have a rest from the shopping at the "Imbiss Atlantis". And you can copy take each item you see. Most of the goodies are Linda Kellie Freebies.

Next in line is "Apollo Creations" offering a small fashion collection for her and him.

Interested in free books than you have to rummage the free library "Pegasus" of BukTom Bloch. Here you'll find Goethe's "Faust 1". Informational works about for example on Halloween, "Traum der Bäume" a book by BukTom himself or "Der Spassvogel" a magazine from 1778. These are only a few examples of what you will find. All books can be read in world or taken as a copy to your inventory. All the books I have seen are in German language.

You are looking for garden fences ? Than "Giu's Fences" might be the right address.

If interested in breeding quails "Lazy Cocka" by JeanPierre Galaxy can help you.

I have noticed that you can exchange eggs at "Eierlei" "EggsChange" by Aurelie Frequency but I do not know what this shop is all about and where the eggs should come from?!

The next shop i visited on my walkabout had been quite clearer in its offers. "Fal's" offers all kinds of funny looking stuff but also furniture, beach towels, pillows, landscaping objects like trees, sea waves and others. If you are looking for the special something you should have a look at Falbala Gustafson's little store.

"Hohenburg Anno 1404" the Medieval Role Playing Region on METROPOLIS has an own shop here for its medieval goodies you might need. But it says that they will move so I am not quite sure for how long you will find that shop here.

In "Roffo's Kramladen" one will find all kinds of stuff, clothing, skyboxes, animated water surface textures, buoys and more.

"Books & Stuff" offers decorative books or bookrows not readable and other items around reading. Well, the convertible in the back of the shop might bring you to a nice place where you can have a rest and read a book.

A good address for animated textures is "Grafik Shop" by Adele Nette. Looks like the shop is under refurbishment but open.

The last shop in the line at Atlantis1 is "stage equipment" with mostly animated speakers on offer. Some other animated textures available.

You will find a wide variety on merchandise at Atlantis1 and you should visit this region when  looking for something special. And as said before there are still a few shopping rooms vacant. Interested in offering your items, just contact Anette Hummel.

Destination :
METROPOLIS Region Atlantis1

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