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Destination: Florence

A very exciting tribute to a City is done in Craft World. I am talking about the City of Florence the Capital of the Italian Region Tuscany. When being in Craft-World open the map and search for "Firenze" the regions name and teleport right in the middle of this great work mostly done by Monica Roses.

It is not a 1:1 model of the city but the most prominent buildings are to be found. Let me start with a minor attraction in Florence, people might miss when being in the city.
The ancient roman "Amphi Theatre".

It looks like it is used for events on the region.
Next beside the theatre is a little park with a fountain which I could not identify. But for sure it is not the famous "Fountain of Neptune".

As in real life the river Arno cuts the City in two halfs and so it is in Virtual Florence. This was a must for the builders of the virtual city because Florence is not Florence without the "Ponte Vecchio" (Old Bridge). The bridge is not only the connection between the riverbanks but also one of the oldest shopping miles in the world. To the left and right on the bridge a multitude of shops offer different goods in the real city.

The shop booths are realized in Virtual Florence but unfortunately empty.
The next stop was the big building of the City Hall of Florence, the "Palazzo Vecchio" (Old Palace).

In the virtual world the Palazzo holds a Dance Club.
Between the "Palazzo Vecchio" and the Cathedral you will find the "Battistero di San Giovanni" (Baptistery of St. John) an octagonal building in front of the cathedral with the status of a minor Basilica. It's one of the most visited tourist attraction beside the Cathedral itself. And yes even the inside has the right textures with its ceiling fresco.

Leaving the Baptistery I went on to the Cathedral "Santa Maria del Fiore" (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower). And here the inside of the building is build for its purpose, a Basilica.

As in real life Florence you will find shops her at its virtual rebuild. They are concentrated on one corner of the region in old buildings whose architecture shows a bit of the real Florence inner city buildings.

The shops are filled with mostly female fashion extravaganza and a few male clothings.

To the end of this report allow me a small word of critics. With all that effort put in this really very nice build of a region and a great tribute to a city, it would be nice to find more information about the historical places. A plate with some words about the buildings or a notcard given would help a bit to explore and understand this well done region. If they are there and I have missed, excuse my critics.
But this should not lessen the effort made to set up a region like this and the intent to visit "Firenze" in Craft-World.

Tipping my hat to Monica Roses and all the others creating this very nice region.

Craft-World, Region: Firenze

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