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Portrait: Zia Frimon

Cruising through the OSGrid I met Zia Frimon owner of the Shop "Zia's" at "Wickenshire", builder of "Wickenshire East", owner of the regions "Asteria" and "Melodies Garden" and an exhibitor at the OSGrid 7th Birthday Celebrations. Zia and I had some interesting conversations over the last days and I asked her for an interview. She agreed on it and here are some interesting answers by Zia on my questions:
Hello Zia, since when are you to be found in virtual worlds?

Around 3 years ago. And since then every day, all day and sometimes around the clock at night as well. I'm kind of a shut in and don't get out much, so I "virtually" live in OSG. And nope, I'm fine with that  :D

You have started your virtual career in SL, I believe ? Can you tell our readers how it all began and when and why you changed to OSGrid.

When I first found SL I thought it was a game. One that we could mod ourselves into and play. Little did I know. So, I made a "me"  just as I am in RL. (I'm kind of vertically challenged)  Long story short (that's not so easy for me):
I found myself eventually on the Sialimonus sim of my friend Freecillia Kuhn.  All her builds amazed me then. She showed me a bit of how to build as I did not even know how to adjust hair or make a prim. After that she gave me rights to build on her sim as long as I took them with me when I logged out.
So I built a little small Fairy house in a tree and she told me I could keep it there. It was nice but it made me terribly sad not to be able to own and do things like others. SL is just WAY to expensive for me.  Then one day she told me as she builds for commission, that she had a job on "another grid".
I said WHAT? !!!  And she told me of OSG. But she would not tell me how to get there. I think she knew that when I found out I would be gone. She was right.
It took about a month (back then) to find the web site and a viewer that would allow it. My second day in OSG I met Graybeard and his wife that did the OSG Gazette and they gave me my own region to learn on. Note: A SIM. The whole damn thing! Then in "The Exodus" they left and along came my dear sweet friends Master Dubrovna and Patch, that help me with hosting Melodies Garden, Asteria and Wickenshire East. The rest is history and I never looked back.

You have a little shop at "Wickenshire" called "Zia's". Can you tell our readers what you are selling there ?

Zia's is my first store. Wonderfully and graciously provided by Master Dubrovna and Patch. When I first set it up it was a conglomeration of all my things and after a while had no sense to it at all. So as I looked around OS I found that so many "stores" open and close and sometimes TP don't work and content is SO hard to find here.
So I thought that's a problem that needs helping.  Knowing Patch and Master Dubrovna wanted a Avi Shop in Wickenshire. That gave the idea for the grand remodel. 
Since I don't make extremely good clothing yet and I don't want to just fill it with clothing already from others, I made the decision to bring all the best I could find to Wickenshire and then take each outfit or item (from others) and make it better adding things to it. Changing out and adding items to each, adjusting prims and textures to "my own standards" and giving it back to the world "Zia'tized".

Eventually as I get better the goal is to replace the plagiarized clothing with my own creations.
Master Dubrovna and Patch noticed that with the Avi Shop (Zia's) my other creations are tend to be a bit "prim heavy" where going un-displayed and a bit unavailable. So came the idea for expansion and I was granted the priviledge of creating Wickenshire East.
As we build and Wickenshire gets a bit prim filled, we will move East. At the time of this writing, all of my creations that are not Avatar oriented are created completely myself and will be displayed in East, whilst the Avi clothing, hair animations and the likes will remain in Zia's Store in Wickenshire. I believe as Patch, Lara and Master create they will eventually come East as Well. There is already a store in Dabrovna Cove waiting to be filled and as this is NOT SL... we can always make more.

Do you create those things all by yourself ?

The only thing I do not make is clothing that takes programs like Photoshop and Gimp. I do however tend to rely heavily on found and tweaked parts. When I shop around I think of all the wonderful builds and talented Artists.... then I start seeing parts. :)
I asked Boba if he mined that I used his Dragon for the OSG6B Air Ship.  He said he was honored that I did. So I ripped the head off it (realigned all the prims to minute scale) and gave it a Balloon and some cannons. :)  Ta Daaa... Dragon Zeppelin!

A lot of your creations are in the direction of Steampunk and/or Elfish. What do you like better, if any ?

I love Steampunk and have always liked Fantasy themes as a child.  My hero is Vbinnia Radek of "Steam". As you and I talked you created the term "Pixiepunk",  I think I gonna use that a lot now.
I like creating things that I would like to have in RL.
I'm one that is pretty much housebound with a condition called Dysautonomia. So moreover then creating things, I like to create, experiences and places. Regions per se.

Is "Zia's" at "Wickenshire" the only shop you have ?

I have a small shop in "Lani" but when you have a store in Wickenshire hosted by Master Dubrovna (Tech talent extraordinary) and the whole next region East of it to help fill as well. Who needs more then that?
However, I have thought of a little outlet in the OSG center.

Not long ago I have visited the OSG7BW region for the OSgrid 7th birthday celebration and have seen that you are an exhibitor there. Would you tell our readers what one can find at your place.

Well that's kind of like letting the mystery out of the box before Christmas, isn't it?
Let's just say there will be swings for people to take home with them and a piano bar for dancing.  Nothing like anyone would normally expect of course, but in all humility, I think people will really like what they find. And as promised last year with the Dragon Zeppelin, after the event it will be displayed in Wickenshire East and available to all that would like to have it.
In fact... if your in Wic' East from time to time you just might catch a peek of it.

Do you have a region in OSgrid and what will one discover visiting you ?
As I mentioned above, there is ...

"Melodies Garden".

My home forest region. There you will find an ever changing environment of forests, waters falls, perilously placed walk bridges that span from towering rock structures, little hiddie spots to sit and enjoy music and conversation on the beach, Zia's Pub and about anything that falls out of my head I want to walk through. If you find the need to fly to get to places, don't. Look for the little clues. Touch everything! Even though one might say its impossible. All the places you can walk to and there is no need for flying. Its just up to YOU to figure out what to touch and how. Also, for anybody that has read my "Dissertation on Creations" and has a hankering to solve the Riddle, there is a major clue in the forest of you can find it. The waters do give freely.
Then there is "Asteria". And this is the place I would so much like more people to know of and use as they will.
Its not your average region. So as real life the virtual desires to  mimic in all details. Bring your heart and peace of mind and come to Asteria when the feeling moves you.
Asteria is a creative cooperation of Patch Ferber in providing all the furnishings, Gimisa Cruz providing all the scripting, Master Dubrovna being ever so kind to host it on his servers and myself.
My Father passed away some a few years ago and I recalled the church there that one could rez a candle and place it in memory. I thought that remarkably cool. (for SL) But as I built here in OS freely and with passion and no worry of cost I though to myself. Melodie... you can do better. But I don't have nor can afford a server.  So as I  talked to Patch about the idea and how nice it would be, the next day Master Dubs and Patch come to see me. The end word was simple. "Build it" So, we did.
Look at the pictures you find. Touch them and look around when you do. Take a candle at the welcome landing, give it a name, place it on the fountain and light it. It will be there forever.
I can't tell you what Asteria is. You have to experience it and to each their own to what they think. However, if your clever and take the time to actually walk touch and look, you might just find a 256 meter Angle that you can walk wing tip to tip and dance with the stars.
One of the things that one must know about me is that I do not use hover text whenever possible.  And, I LOVE to hide things. think of my regions as an offshoot of the old Myst and Riven games.  I know damn well that only a select few ever do anything more then fly through a region and even less bother to touch anything. If you do not look you will never find. If you don't touch it, you will never know if there is anything there to be touched! What good is a virtual world that holds all sorts of mysteries, stories and things to be discovered and only fly through to look at a 2D picture on your monitor. Your wasting your time. If one is not going to take the bother to look and think, go back to watching television. Its the same thing.
If you go East you will see a sign I know few will bother to read. They fly through and think just another pretty region. However here is the truth of it. There is not one prim that you will find in Wickenshire East that can not be had to your inventory simply by touching it. :) And if there is I don't know about it and if told will correct it in short order. As in all my regions. Read the NC's read the signs and touch everything!

Any more favors than Steampunk and Pixies ?

Yes. Everything else. :)  However, I lived in Seattle for 12 years and miss it very much. I have a bit of a want for a house boat. Wait for it... its coming. Just go East and when its finished, you will find it there. As for other interests... what ever falls out of my head. The possibilities are endless.
I want get good at clothing. From there I have no limits.

Zia is only to be found in OSGrid or elsewhere, too?

I have a Zia Frimon in SL though I only go about once a year or when specifically invited. OSG is my home and I love it here. Here thanks to my family Patchie and Master Dubs, and all my other friends, I live without wants.

Thank you for this kind Interview.

Thanks for listening. :)

Zia Frimon
For Hyperzette: zaphod Enoch

OSGrid Region: "Melodies Garden"

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  1. Unfortunately, off-grid visitors to Zia's shop only get script errors when trying to "share" her creations. The shop is cut off from Hypergrid visitors.