Montag, 23. Februar 2015

Shopping: Germania 2

It's time again to check on some places for a good shopping for everybody in the virtual worlds, no matter which grid one calls home. And this is not a question if the object is for free or you have to pay for, as long as you are able to use it on your base grid.
One of those shopping areas is "Germania 2" managed by Mario Lane and to be found on the Metropolis Grid.

"Germania 2" is part of the complex "Germania", which includes a few more regions. But for this review I will concentrate on the shopping area, also called "The Old World". The layout is like an old traders and harbour village with a town square in the middle.

On the square one will find a little rezz area and a few marketstands.
The stands, which are actually coaches, contain male and female AO's.
And do not be afraid of the pillory, it's not in use at the moment.

The houses at the northern side of the square obviously are shops, as one can image by the posters which are to be seen. And so I carried my pixel body a bit closer to the outlays.

The first shop in the row offers a variety of female hairs.

Next to it the Lady will find mainly some extravagance shoes

A shop under construction follows and the last one gives away pants for both genders and some shirts.

From here I turned around to the next block of houses, passing the harbour.

The houses there are all empty but a little bakery nicely buildstanding in the back.

Walking along another pier and the row of houses there a few other shops come in view.

The first shop I come along offers a variety of things including some animations.

Skins on offer in the next house.

Male and female hairs in the last building of the row with the majority of female models.

With that I have made my tour over "Germania 2". Its not a classical mall area, but good to have a check out, if one is looking for some outfit.

Metropolis Grid, Region Germania 2 2

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