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Destination: Water Dreams Part 2

Climbing down the bridge from the castle ruins and the gallery back to the landing area of "Water Dreams" build by Azi Az and Danger Lytton on the Refuge Grid, I head towards the other places within the grid.

But I do not take the direct way via the platform, instead I inspect the building with the working water wheel.

Next on my visiting list is a wooden block house to the west.

With this quick side trip I carry on to the "Swamp". There I have a little break at one of the laid tables, with delicious drinks on offer. And don't worry you'll get accustomed to the wet ground.

Time to give you a few impressions of the swamp.

Okay now, heading to the 'Cavern'. This time the way is cobbled, more or less.

Before I follow the signs I inspected a bit on the interesting temple like buildings.

Following a small stone path through the waters and crossing a gate like structure, I find myself in front of a mysterious human plant sculpture. It must be the guardian of the the cave. But even a close look does not reveal any entrance to a cave ?!

And on my search for that entrance, I find a wooden wall which I follow.

This wall adjoined to a building and I am at 'Azi Creations'. It turns out to be a little shop by Azi Az. Here you can find seating groups of different tastes, as well as living accessories. A female pirate outfit is on offer as well as curtains or gift bags. All items are free to copy.

And right here in the middle of the shop you will find the entrance to the cavern. And say 'Hi' to its inhabitant.

"Dreams Water" is a very well done area made with a lot of fantasy and love.
The pictures just show a microbit of what you can see there while taking the time walk along.
Tipping my hat to Azi and Danger.

Refuge Grid, Region Water Dreams dreams

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