Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Destination: Myst Part 1

Down below me the sea waves splash against the rock, which is the basement of the tower, I am standing on a balcony. On the world I am some species of fish, in this case manta rays to be precise, fly the air instead swimming the seas.
To see the species I had to reduce the luminosity of the viewer down to one, otherwise I would have seen just a mass of glow.

There are other objects in the sky, which confuse the observers eye.

I am on the VarRegion "Myst" on the Franco Grid built by Imperator Janus. And we will see what awaits me on the mainland of this mysterious island, as the designer declares in the profile of the region.
But first of all I have to get to the mainland and this needs the flying ability of the Avatar. I took a big stone statue in the southwestern corner as aim and flew over.

It's a sparse grown landscape with some ancient pillars and green glassed lanterns. I set my windlight settings to 12 am from here on.There are better ones, more scary with fog but this would be of no good for the pictures taken.

After a short walk, a way sign came in sight, towards I walked in the hope to get a bit of orientation. The way sign gives three choices as there are "Sacred Waters", "Dark Forest" and "Cemetery".

Okay, let me have a looked at the "Sacred Waters", first. The way took me back to the beach to some mysterious but also fascinating plants.

If this would have been the "Sacred Waters", I am not sure, but it was the only place in the direction shown, I could find. After this I went back to the sign and forward to the "Cemetery". On the way I passed a sordid empty boat house at a pier of rotten wood planks

A sign gives the name of the region, one is on. Not far I reached the "Cemetery" or the "Dark Forest", not quite sure what it was but a scary place to be in any case. The gate of the place was locked and after a while I gave up to find a hole in the rusty fence.

In the vicinity of this cemetery one can see an old windmill as sordid as the boat house. From here I tried to get further into the region. It took a bit of climbing to get to the next interesting place, which reminds to an old cemetery. So I must have been in a dark forest before.

A few steps seem to lead into the construction but it was a dead end.

So it took a big jump to get closer to the tombs.

I did not want to disturb the quietness of the dead and tried to get out of here when I met a nice looking ghost. "Hello Miss Johnson"

She did not say a word but anyway I walked a bit quicker after this meeting. Again my way was up, following a cobblestone road to the point where an opening gave way to the inward of the property.
And what I have seen there you can read in the second part of "Myst".

Franco Grid, Region Myst

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