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Roleplay United Federation Starfleet: On Board Davy Crockett Part 1

Teleporting to the "USS Davy Crockett" Starship, I find myself on a teleporter platform in front of a reception. A blue skinned lady behind the desk is pretty busy and does not take any notice about my arrival.

I decide to not disturbing her work and walk through the only door visible, deeper into the NX-88071 ship's body. Behind the door is a floor, letters on the floor tell me that I am on Level 03 within the ships body. Before I will enter the many doors I make a little round tour on this level.

The floor is shaped like a U letter. At both ends of the U, the doors go straight in the
"L3-F3 Forward Lounge".

Because I feel a bit hungry and thirsty, it might be a good idea to see if I can't find something that kills my needs.
The lounge is furnished with several seating groups with windows aside giving view into the infinity of space.

An orange illuminated part of the floor seems to be a dancefloor for some occasions.

Next to this is a bar with stools and the obligatory "Replicator". For the ones not knowing. A replicator is used to create synthesized meals on demand. (As long as one finds them in a kitchens or lounges).

In the back of the bar, a kitchen is installed.

I leave the lounge through the door of the eastern side of the ship ( assuming that the ships front shows to South ).
Back at the floor, a door to the right leads to a crew quarter.

Adjacent to the crew quarter is a commanders room.

The crew and commanders quarter look to the outside of the ship but there are rooms leading more into the ship and one of the doors is labelled "L3-S Holodeck", which I will give a look.
Not much with it, than a big empty storage room.

Another door gives way to the "Recreation and Gym" facilities.

On the northern gangway of the U formed floor doors in each corner of the U lead to the "Engineering Lvl B" part of the ship which catches my attention.

What awaits me there is part of the next story about the "Davy Crockett". Up to then 'Live long and prosper'.

3rd Rock Grid, Region Star Point, USS Davy-Crockett Point

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