Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

Freebies: Wallonia

It is a flat location; on the northern side, one can see a group of electricity producing modern wind turbines and a few houses.
To the West of the region is a big sandbox and adjacent on the eastside some ships anchor in a marina.
I am on the Franco Grid and on the region "Freebies Wallonia", a region owned by jameswhistler Constantine.

When I read about it, I was curious and here I am. On the first view it looks very tidy. Trying on some random items, it proved that you really get the objects even when coming from another grid then FrancoGrid.
Let me show you some stuff which are on offer.

One of the main sections is a pavilion which covers the mesh section. Some very interesting pieces here.

Seating furniture including animations and a box with couple dances are covered by the roof of another pavilion.

The center of the region forms a square artifical pond with a model of the Brussel/Belgium "Atomium", A museum in  the World Expo Parc of Brussels, build in 1958 for the "EXPO '58".

North of it one will find a bar with seats and table to both sides where you can have a little break from 'shopping'. By the way they have Belgium Beer on offer ;-)

From here I walked towards the marina and passed another pavilion. This one carries all kind of ready sculpties and prefabs. Everything full perm.

Three boats are in the harbor, but only the white yacht is to be copy/taken.

Similar with the cars, some are available, some are only decoration. You have to try.

The next picture shows an object, I could not figure out what it should be good for. Maybe you have an answer ?

Almost all the houses are empty but one with a little pub inside.

That gives me the idea, that I might have visited this region in maybe an early period of development and there is more to come in the course of time. It is already worth to visit and to have a look on the offers.

Franco Grid, Region Freebies Wallonia Wallonia

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