Freitag, 13. Februar 2015

Destination and Freebies: Neu-Eppolonien Part 2

After short walk I reached the settlement in the valley on the southestern corner of region "Neu Eppolonien" on Dorena's World Grid.
Three bigger houses in the hessian half timber style are build by Klarabella Karamell.

If you like a small yellow red, two story house build on a rock ground, this is the right one for you.

You want it bigger and not that flashy in colors ? How about that ?

The most prominent house at this square is the brownish half timbered build in an old traders house style.

After that short visit, I continued my walk to the castle which is surrounded by a high castle wall.

Though the main gate of the castle was guarded by two knights and locked, I found a way to get inside to the castle square. I am not going to tell the amount of bribe, I payed one of the guards.

On the square a little stage is set up and one find some possibilities for seating in front of it. Does the Mule standing there, understands what is happening on the stage ?

The smaller houses within the castle wall contain medieval furnitures and other goods like a bath tube and kitchen equipment for example.

The bigger house is almost empty, just a few furnitures.

Inside the main building the first floor is of interest with a medieval large table and seating group and its candles chandeliers. On second floor you find a variety of interiors, fitting into such an ambient.

If you are about to build your own medieval themed region and looking for the right items, "Neu-Eppolonien" by Klarabella Karamell is an address to be visited.

Dorena's World Grid, Region Neu-Eppolonien

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