Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

Art and Entertainment: Free the Hero

You want to play a little bit ? Not too much, but just a bit ? Looking for a little challenge ?
Well, it is time for you to free a hero. You can do that on "Pandora" region on the grid "Naras Nook".
Get dressed in your favorite hypergrid jumper suite (don't carry too much prims around with that) and teleport to "Naras Nook". While the teleporter board on "Greyville" did not work the way it should do at the time I arrived, I used the world map and search for "Pandora". A click on the enabled teleport button will bring you over there in less than 5 sec (at least for me it was that quick).
Here you find yourself on a platform.

Next behind the lion you will find another round telepad. A click on it will open a menu and select 'Free Hero'. Click again and there you are right in the middle at the starting adventure.

Everything is a bit bigger than under normal circumstances. If a cockroach would come across the corner, it would be of an immense danger for you. But don't worry that will not happen.
First you have to look for the big boards which might be in your back and easy to find by their sizes. There you will find the rules of the two campaigns, you can choose from to free the hero.

If you have choosen the key hunt, you better start of in the nearby wood to get the hints where to find the keys.

Those hints are given on three different boards in the wood. Not to be missed by their size.

If you have choosen the letter game (Falling Tiles), then look for the Scrabble board somewhere above you.

This is the beginning of your adventure and what to do next ?
Hey, this is your adventure, take the challenges !!

Good Luck ;-)

Nara's Nook Grid, Region Pandora, Platform Free Hero
Telepad Free Hero

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