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Destination: Water Dreams Part 1

You better wear boots when visiting the region "Water Dreams" on the Refuge Grid. Though the platform you will land on is a wooden one, floating on the water, the pathways are just under the surface and your footwear will get virtual wet.

"Water Dreams" is mainly an area just below the watersurface with a bigger mountaineous area on the southern side of the 2 x 2 var region build by Azi Az and Danger Lytton. It has kind of a tropical character but with lots of other fantasy influences.

Arriving on the region you will find yourself on a platform with different signed destinations to go to, as there is "The Swamp", "The Cavern", "Azi's Shop".

A teleporter to "Proving Grounds" , a teleporter to "Zia's Christmas Party", a teleporter to "Danger's City of Light" and another one to "Petra".

The last signs point to a "Boat Dock", "Castle Ruins" and and "Photo Art Gallery".

Tossing a coin tells me to take the "Boat Dock" at first and then walk to the others. On my way to the Dock, I passed a funny couple (Hope they catch no flu).
At the Dock kind of a Chinese Junk is moored, but there is no gangway to enter the ship so I left to the Gallery.

And as it appears to be, the gallery is within the castle ruins walls and provide a fantastic ambiance for the exhibition.

The pictures are taken within Virtual Worlds by Azi Az and I like to show just a few of those gorgeous pieces of artwork.

And allow me to give some more impressions of the ruin as well. For the pics I choose the windlight 'Phototools - Moon Light 01'

By strolling thru the castle walls I found another gallery. Refuge grid residents exhibit their works. Which compelled me to show some of their works as well
by Aine Caoimhe
by Andress Renault
by Valerie Ilauke

Visitors have the possibility to vote on the pictures and artists to exhibit their works here. A big instruction board will give information how to do that.

Well, looking at my watch I notice that the time is running and I have to leave "Water Dreams", which make it a two part story out of the review. Both, Azi and Danger, build a big scenery which can't be covered in just one review and a visit takes more time than just an hour. So stay with the "Hyperzette" if you are curious about "Water Dreams" and if you can't wait on the second part, come on over and have a look by yourself (what you should do anyway).

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