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Destination and Freebies: Neu-Eppolonien Part 1

"Neu-Eppolonien" is a small, medieval style village at the foot of a hill with a castle on top of it. A region on Dorena's World Grid.

But the coziness of the village and the castle is not all one can explore on the region of Klarabella Karamell, she is a fine builder and you can get her creations on the region for free. But let me start a little walk over the region starting at the village.

My little journey starts at a watermill with a working grinder and mill wheel.

(For the freebie hunters: almost all objects are to copy take)
Next to the mill one finds an old German farmhouse build in old hessian timber-framed style.

Inside the house one will find a few vendors with free textures to be taken.

Passing a mule, one reach another typical old hessian farm building; a barn. Some untypical animals are on protest against almost everything a domestic animal concerns ;-)

The stone church next beside is linked together and can be copy taken as a whole (excluding some of the interior which is free to take by its own)

A bigger old town house contains a collection of shoes most of them for the female gender.

Looking for that special bed where you can push a divider in the middle of the bed, just in case wife and husband have a bigger argumentation going on, that you will find in the white grey timber framed house.

Looking for an old fruit press ? Here ya go !

A bit off the village, on the way to the castle, one can find some more fairytale style houses; partly furnished.

On my way up to the castle another settlement in the valley came in view.

But what I will find there and at the castle is good for its own story. So we will meet again in "Neu-Eppolonien" in a short.

Dorena's World Grid, Region Neu Eppolonien

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