Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

Education: Abyss Observatory; Earth and Live Evolution

Alright, I am surrounded by water. A teleport hub, that is all to see. Clicking on it may bring me into some more civilization, maybe.

And yes, it does. Now I find myself within a structure which is difficult to describe in its entirety. The platform I am on is filled with teleporters to destinations inside the JOGrid and within the Hypergrid.

There you find teleporters to creator's resources and materials.

And teleporters to educational places within the Hyperverse.

But for now my interest is the helix type tower which is called 'Earth and Life Evolution'.

To get there, search for the appropriate teleporter board and click on it.

After the click you will find yourself almost on the bottom of the helix structure. And it starts with a question.

You may wonder about the japanese ideographs. Well JOGrid stands for "Japanese Open Grid" and so it is run by japanese people.
Fortunately most of the information is also given in English language.
But back to the 'Earth and Life Evolution Tower'

At the bottom you will get different views on the only one earth we have, from different scientific perspectives.

From here you can climb the walkway of the helix and see lots and lots of boards with all kinds of information about the evolution of the earth and life. Some of the boards are to be clicked and will change their info.

When you travel to the  'Earth and Life Evolution' tower and walk the helix, the interested should calculate on at least 3 - 4 hours spending there. It is full of information.
Responsible for this is the Abyss Observatory Group coordinated by
Yan Lauria.
Very well done

JOGrid, Region Abyss Observatory observatory

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